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Fergie Jenkins 2008 Playoff Prime Cuts

Fergie Jenkins 2008 Playoff Prime Cuts

I don’t know how I did not scoop this card up a long time ago.  But while recently shopping on Checkoutmycards.com, I saw this one and had to consult with my official checklist.

And it was not there.

Puzzled, I then went to my box that contains my Fergie Jenkins collection of baseball cards and was unable to find it there as well.

Let’s just say that I was a little unsettled.  And I quickly remedied the situation by adding it to my cart.

Here it is:


Serial numbered as 109/249, this card is a lot nicer in person than what the image above shows.  The scan is a bit on the dark side.

I like the 3-D element used on this card.  It feels like Fergie is going to fire one right at us.


Dave Parker ‘Fab Five’ – Card #4 – 1977 Topps

Dave Parker ‘Fab Five’ – Card #4 – 1977 Topps

Now that my Dave Parker player collection is complete, it is time to show of my favorite five cards from the set.

Card #4 – 1977 Topps


A baseball donut card – YES!!!

While the image is a bit on the grainy side, I am a sucker for cards featuring players in or near the on-deck circle.

And if he happens to be swinging a piece of lumber with a batting donut on it, I am a collector in heaven!!!

Thank you, Topps!

Eric Davis 1992 Score Baseball Card

Eric Davis 1992 Score Baseball Card

I have always enjoyed finding new cards from the 1992 Score baseball card set.

And while I guess that these cards are not exactly ‘new’, I guess that I mean that I like re-discovering cards that I have forgotten about…

This card of Eric Davis from the 1992 Score set is great.

Have a look:


With the backdrop of Wrigley Field behind him, Davis appears to have connected sharply as his eye is following the ball after it has left his bat.

I like the 3-D element that the card has with Davis’ image being imposed on top of the Green bar that runs down the right-side of the card.

Loving the Red Nike high-top spikes too!!

Happy Birthday Joe Garagiola!!!

Happy Birthday Joe Garagiola!!!

Joe Garagiola turns 87 years old today.

A 9-year major league veteran, Joe Garagiola a pretty lasting legacy in the sport of baseball after having a career that would be considered as par or under-whelming.

Garagiola was a highly-touted teenager when he began to get scouted by major league teams.  A catcher, he made it to the big leagues at the young age of twenty.

In total, Garagiola played just nine season, but he did so for some storied franchises: the Cardinals, Pirates, Cubs, and Giants.

As a player, Garagiola amassed 481 career hits en route to a .257 batting average.  He hit 82 doubles and 42 home runs during that stretch.  Defensively, he was solid, and had a pretty good knack of throwing out potential base stealers; he caught 36% of the guys that tried to run on him.

Garagiola was a member of the Cardinals World Series winning team in 1946.  In 5 games, he hit .316 with 6 hits, 4 RBI, and 2 runs scored.

Happy Birthday Mr. Garagiola!!!

Private Signing Results: Hall Of Famer, Mr. Jim Palmer!!!

Private Signing Results: Hall Of Famer, Mr. Jim Palmer!!!

I recently saw that one of my autographing buddies was offering consignment on a Jim Palmer signing happening in New Jersey.

The price was right up my alley, and each paid autograph was provided with a FREE inscription.  If you know anything about show pricing, you know that the inscription can sometimes break the bank.  And while many can be had for an additional $10-$20, some can reach past $50 depending on the player involved.

But, a FREE inscription is one that I cannot pass up!!!

Luckily, I had a few items I had been holding for a future Palmer signing, so it was time to act.

And I did.

And now, my items are back home with me.  And they came out great!!!

I got two pieces done.

#1 – Rawlins Hall of Fame logo baseball w/induction date:


#2 – Baltimore Orioles mini helmet w/HOF ’90 inscription


I am so happy with how these came out.  This is my third Hall of Fame ball, and I love the induction date inscriptions.  So far, my collection of balls signed in this manner consists of Dawson, Jenkins, and now Palmer.  If I can get opportunities to add more of these in the future, I am going to go for it as they perfectly capture history.

Here is one more look at the items!!!


Man, that helmet looks great!!!

Thanks for reading.