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Dave Parker ‘Fab Five’ – Card #2 – 1976 Topps

Dave Parker ‘Fab Five’ – Card #2 – 1976 Topps

Now that my Dave Parker player collection is complete, it is time to show of my favorite five cards from the set.

Card #2 – 1976 Topps


Sure, the photo may be a little grainy, but it is definitely packed full of action!!

I love the photo that Topps chose for this card.  Not only do you have a very young, and rather slim, Dave Parker swinging a heavy bat.  But based on the position of his lead foot and trailing knee, he really put all his energy into the swing.

Go Get ‘Em Cobra!!!

Hank Aaron 2000 Topps ‘Opening Day’ – Does Anyone Know More About This Card???

Hank Aaron 2000 Topps ‘Opening Day’

I picked up this card for fifty cents a few weeks ago.  I was immediately drawn to the card as it is a re-print of Aaron’s 1954 Topps rookie baseball card.

The card was released in 2000, and is part of Topps’ “Opening Day” set.

Have a look:


And now my question: Why was Hank Aaron put into a set like this?  Opening Day sets have always featured the starting line-up of teams from that season.  Aaron retired 25 years before this card was released…

I’m really stumped with this one, and would love any insight or info that the great readers of this blog may have.

Please help!

Thank you.

Jim Palmer 2009 Topps Tribute – Blue

Jim Palmer 2009 Topps Tribute – Blue

Still trimming away at my ‘Needs’ list of Jim Palmer cards from the 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 baseball releases.

This one comes from the 2009 Topps Tribute set.  Is is the Blue parallel version of Palmer’s base card and is serial numbered as 203/219.

Have a peek:

The card’s scan came out with a much bolder Blue color than what the actual cards looks like.  The card is Blue, but it doesn’t look like it was dunked in a bottle of Powerade like the scan shows…


1982 Topps – 1981 ‘Leading Relievers’ With Bruce Sutter and Rollie Fingers

1982 Topps – 1981 ‘Leading Relievers’ With Bruce Sutter and Rollie Fingers

Jeez, look at all of the hair on this card!!!

WHOA!!!  From the top of the head through the mustache and to the beard, this has to be one of the hairiest (is that a word) baseball cards in the 1982 Topps set.

At least these guys brought something else to the card too – Power Pitching!!

At the end of the 1981 baseball season, it was Bruce Sutter and Rollie Fingers that paced their respective leagues in saves.  Sutter paced the National League with 25 saves, and Rollie Fingers led the AL, and all of baseball, with 28.

Not too shabby.  Just very, very hairy!!!

1986 Donruss Rack Pack Featuring An Andre Dawson Diamond King On Top!!!

1986 Donruss Rack Pack Featuring An Andre Dawson Diamond King On Top!!!

Ever since I scored a few cello packs with Andre Dawson featured on top for Christmas, I have been on a mission to see what else I could find.

There is not a lot of this kind of stuff readily available on Ebay, but the searching has been a lot of fun.

Of the ones that I have found, some are priced way too high. 

And some are doubles of what I already own.

And some are begging for me to buy them!

This rack pack from the 1986 Donruss issue was priced just right.  So, I scooped it up.

Have a look:



This is the first rack pack of Dawson that I have scored for my collection.  And as you can see, it features his Diamond Kings card, front and center.

I’m hoping that in time I can grab more of these.  I may need to start contacting the sellers on Ebay to see if they’re willing to wheel and deal…