1998 Bowman Florida Marlins Team Set

1998 Bowman Florida Marlins Team Set

When I bought this team set, I was immediately intrigues because sets that follow a team’s championship winning season tend to offer a little more ‘special’ than others.

And then I started sifting through the cards.  And as I did this, I started to feel the need to scratch my head.  And then I asked myself – ‘Who the hell is Gabe Gonzalez? And Jaime Jones?  And Nelson Lara? And Julio Ramirez?  John Roskos?  And Eddie Yarnall?

Pretty soon I was having a full-blown conversation with myself.

And then I realized what it was…

This is what is left when your team’s management dumps everything that brought you success.

And this is what your roster looks like after a fire-sale!!!




But hey, all is not lost.  We have Kevin Millar.  And Derek Lee.  And Eddie Yarnall!!


5 responses to “1998 Bowman Florida Marlins Team Set

  1. That Millar RC is pretty sweet!!

  2. I like him. I like what he brought to his teams. If you need to get rid of Millar cards send them to me!

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