Brooks Robinson 2006 Upper Deck ‘All-Time Legends’

Brooks Robinson 2006 Upper Deck ‘All-Time Legends’

I really like this one.

The card looks like it has a nice celebratory feeling with the Red, White, and Blue banners that flank the lower portion of the card.

The graphic that Upper Deck created for the this card really makes the whole thing work – between the vintage Orioles logo, the Silver filigree accents, and the ‘All-Time Legends’ stamp, this card has a nice sense of royalty to it.

Have a look:


If I had one complaint, it would be the background of the card.  In my opinion, I would ’86’ the sky behind Brooks and replace it was baseball stands full of people.  Keep it Black & White, and muted, but show us that the actual image was taken in a ballpark…


2 responses to “Brooks Robinson 2006 Upper Deck ‘All-Time Legends’

  1. I love this card! The old school Orioles logo is great and I agree with you about the background. It would be sweet to have a picture of full stands from Memorial Stadium behind him.

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