Hall Of Fame Debate: Buy OR Sell – David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz

Hall Of Fame Debate:  Buy OR Sell – David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz

I promise that I will not do this too often for current major league players…

I really don’t know why, but I have had ‘Papi On The Brain’ for the better part of this week.  And while I am not particularly a fan of his or of the Red Sox, I will admit that he is one of the few hitters that when he is at the plate, he demands your attention.

This was a quiet offseason for Ortiz due to his signing of a 2-year contract extension during the offseason of 2012.  But, I am sure that he will make headlines again at the conclusion of the 2013 baseball season due to his free agent status.  And more likely than not, he will probably re-sign with the Boston Red Sox for the fourth time.

I got to thinking about the great moments that Ortiz has provided the baseball world over the last decade.  He absolutely has the needed ‘Magical Moments’ that help elevate a player’s status, but are his numbers Hall of Fame worthy??

That is tonight’s question: Do You Buy OR Sell David Ortiz As A Hall Of Famer??

Let’s start with the obvious – Ortiz is a fantastic hitter.  Entering the 2013 baseball season, he has a career .285 batting average, with six seasons of hitting .300 or better on his resume.

Ortiz also has 401 career home runs.  And at the age of 37, he still has a real chance to reach the magical number of 500 if he remains healthy and in the everyday lineup.  Of his ten seasons with the Red Sox, Ortiz has connected for 30+ home runs three times, 40+ twice, and a career high of 54 home runs in 2006.

Ortiz has also been solid at driving in runs for the Sox.  He has 1,326 career RBI and will more than likely eclipse 1,500 before he retires.  Papi has driven in 100 or more runs in six of his ten seasons in Boston.

He has also been a member of the elite ’30/100 Club’ six times.  This puts him in an elite grouping of today’s players.

Ortiz is an 8-time All-Star and a 5-time Silver Slugger Award winner.  And from 2003-2007, he had an amazing streak of five straight ‘Top Five’ finishes for the American League’s MVP Award.

Ortiz has won two World Series titles with the Red Sox, 2004 and 2007.  He has a batting average of .321 in the World Series and has hit one home run, scored 7 runs, and driven in 8 runs in the Fall Classic.

Is this resume grand enough to gain entry into the Hall of Fame??

I say ‘YES’.  Big Papi is a fantastic ambassador for the sport, and his joy of the game is infectious.  His on-the-field accomplishments are on par, if not greater than, the best hitters of his era.  And his winning ways since joining the Red Sox in 2003 define him as a winning ballplayer. 

Sure, he is primarily a designated hitter, but he is and has been a feared part of the Boston Red Six lineup for the better part of ten seasons..  And I don’t think that just because he is primarily used as a DH that he should get any less consideration or votes for Hall of Fame entry when he becomes eligible.

His career may be incomplete at this point, but in my opinion unless something drastically bad halts Ortiz’s progress over the next 3-4 years, he is absolutely Hall of Fame material!!!!

David Oritz

14 responses to “Hall Of Fame Debate: Buy OR Sell – David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz

  1. The 2004 and 2007 WS titles will be enough all by themselves. And with Manny ineligible over steroids, and Schilling and Pedro probably getting in someday, that’s the HOF contingent from those teams.

  2. I say yes. Ortiz has been the standout DH since Edgar retired and by the end of his career he will have some great numbers, but Edgar deserves to be the first DH elected to the HOF. On an average year Edgar has a higher BA, OBP and OPS than Ortiz does and Ortiz only has 18 more RBI than Edgar does in an average season.

  3. I would say not a hall of famer. He hasn’t been dominant long enough. He plays for a major market team so you hear about him more than most so that skews a lot of peoples views. If he has a couple more good seasons maybe. However in an era when not even the holder of the home run record and the best pitcher who ever lived get in first ballot, hard to say.

    David Ortiz fact from a Twins fan. He chose number 34 to honor Kirby Puckett who he worked with in his early days with the Twins.

  4. Yikes! Not even close to a HOF player.

    I have no problems putting a DH into the Hall (F Thomas and E Martinez), but you have to be a GREAT hitter to go in if you aren’t going to play the field. Let’s put it this way, his Offensive WAR number is 37.9 in 16 seasons; that compares with Bobby Bonilla (38.9) and Tony Fernandez (39.0), and those guys aren’t going in the HOF.

    And let’s not forget, in this era of huge offensive numbers during which Ortiz had his best seasons from 2003-2006 that Ortiz was listed in the Mitchell Report as having tested positive for PED’s in 2003. They may have been supplements, or they may have been something else, we will never know.

    Good, but not GREAT production; coupled with testing positive for PED’s means NO HOF for Mr. Ortiz.

    • WrigleyRegular- not too many sluggers from his era have not had their names linked to PED at some point of their careers.

      To me, he just stands out as a winner, and a very large part of the reason that Boston was so successful during their run.

      I’d vote him before Edgar, Baines, and Thome!

      • WrigleyRegular

        I want to correct something I said. I said Ortiz was in the Mitchell Report, he may not have been. There was a report several years ago that Ortiz had tested positive for PED’s in ’03 and I correlated that with the Mitchell Report. However, I think he may have been left out of the report for other reasons.

      • Wrigleyregular- No worries!!

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