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Jim Palmer 2011 Topps Lineage – Platinum Anniversary Edition

Jim Palmer 2011 Topps Lineage – Platinum Anniversary Edition

When Topps debuted their ‘Lineage’ set in 2011, the reviews were mixed.  Some collectors loved the set, and others hated it.

I was on the side that loved it!  And I still do…

And while the set is just two years old, I cannot recall the last time that I saw a Topps Lineage baseball card featured on any of the blogs that I follow.

So, I thought I would do the set a little justice and show off another newly acquired card from the set that is a welcomed addition to my collection.

The card is Jim Palmer’s Platinum Anniversary Edition version.

And it looks great.  Have a look:

Mike Schmidt 1989 Upper Deck Philadelphia Phillies Team Card

Mike Schmidt 1989 Upper Deck Philadelphia Phillies Team Card

In my humble opinion, these Upper Deck Collector’s Choice team cards from Upper Deck’s early days were so much better than the Donruss Diamond Kings set that was a staple of Donruss’ 1980’s baseball cards sets.

And Upper Deck sure did select a great player to commemorate with their 1989 debut set!!

Did You Know…

The active manager with over 500 wins that has the highest winning percentage is Charlie Manuel of the Philadelphia Phillies.  Manuel has a career record of 764-618, good for a 55.3% win percentage.  Ron Gardenhire of the Twins has a winning percentage of 55.0%.

charlie manuel

Happy Birthday Bobby Bonilla!!!

Happy Birthday Bobby Bonilla!!!

Bobby Bonilla turns 49 years old today.

One of my favorite Marlins from the 1997 championship team, ‘Bobby Bo’ was a fan-friendly, and very funny member of the team.  I remember Bobby coming into the local sporting goods store that I was working at years ago.  It was 1997, but it was very early in the season before any of us thought that we had a chance to win the title.  He joked and kidded with several of us, and was genuinely a nice guy.  He signed a few autographs and had a few conversations with us prior to leaving.

It was a thrill for all of us to meet ‘Bobby Bo’ on that day 16 years ago, so today I want to again say ‘THANKS!!!!’ to the man that helped the Florida Marlins win the World Series in 1997 and helped make a few fans extra happy on that day when he stopped by and hung out for a few minutes!!! 


Former Dodgers And Padres Great Steve Garvey Battling Prostate Cancer

Former Dodgers And Padres Great Steve Garvey Battling Prostate Cancer

From The Sports Xchange

Former Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres standout Steve Garvey is battling prostate cancer, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Garvey, a 10-time All-Star and the 1974 National League MVP, told the Times his prostate was removed at UCLA Medical Center in October after his cancer was diagnosed in September.

Garvey, 64, made the announcement in a press release in which he stated he is putting up for auction several personal baseball items, including his MVP trophy. He said 70 percent of the proceeds with go toward prostate cancer awareness.

“I was thrown a pretty good curveball by God,” Garvey told The Times’ Dylan Hernandez. “I felt I was being challenged to work for prostate awareness for men and the women who love them.”

Garvey did not declare that he was completely out of the woods regarding his cancer, “but you want to be cautiously optimistic.”

Garvey had worked for the Dodgers in their community relations and marketing department before being fired by Frank McCourt, then the team owner, in 2011 after Garvey had spent time trying to purchase the team.

Baltimore Orioles To Wear Commemorative Patch Honoring Late Manager Earl Weaver During 2013 Baseball Season

Baltimore Orioles To Wear Commemorative Patch Honoring Late Manager Earl Weaver During 2013 Baseball Season

Special Thanks to ’30-YOC’ reader, Matt, for sharing this story with me.

From The Baltimore Sun:

The Orioles announced on Friday that they will wear the above patch on their jerseys throughout this season in honor of Hall of Fame manager Earl Weaver, who died last month at age 82.

The team will also honor Weaver with a pregame moment of silence and video tribute before Saturday’s Grapefruit League opener against the Minnesota Twins at Ed Smith Stadium.

In addition, Weaver’s No. 4 will be stenciled onto the grass outside of the Orioles dugout in foul territory.

Weaver patch

Finally, I Have Pieced Together The 2013 Topps Miami Marlins Base Team Set!!!

Finally, I Have Pieced Together The 2013 Topps Miami Marlins Base Team Set!!!

Well, it took me quite a bit longer than what I expected, but I have finally pieces together the Miami Marlins team set from the 2013 Topps Series 1 set.

Some of the cards were pulled from packs.  Some were gifted to me from a few readers of this blog.  And some were hauled in via the trade route.

The set, featuring seven cards, only has 3 active Marlins players on it.  That is a little weird for a brand new release, but that it what being a Marlins fan is about.  My guess is that the Series 2 release will offer more current ‘fish’.

Have a look at the team set:

2013 TOPPS

And now that this is out of the way, I can focus some attention to the Blue, Red, Green, Black, Pink, Camo, 1972 mini, and Chasing The Dream cards of the Marlins!!!

Let the fun continue!!!