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Hank Aaron 2000 Topps Commemorative Set – Card #6 – 1959 Topps Design

Hank Aaron 2000 Topps Commemorative Set – Card #6 – 1959 Topps Design

This is the third card that I have obtained for this set since officially declaring that I wanted to build the full set as one of my 2013 collecting goals.

This is the 6th card in the set, a re-print of Aaron’s 1959 Topps baseball card:


Aaron’s 1959 baseball season was superb.  He finished in 3rd place for the league’s MVP Award due to his league leading batting average of .355.  He collected a league-high 223 hits in 1959, with 46 doubles, 7 triples, and 39 home runs.  Aaron also paced the NL in slugging percentage at .636, OPS at 1.037, and total bases with 400.

Carl Yastrzemski 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen

Carl Yastrzemski 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen

I bought this card ‘on the blind’ during a recent shopping splurge on www.sportlots.com.

Have a look:


In my opinion, Topps’ Gypsy Queen set offers the best card backgrounds in the hobby.  There is no mistaking Fenway Park as the back-drop for this card of Carl Yastrzemski.

There is also no mistaking that the Gypsy Queen brand of cards is my current favorite product released by Topps.  I do not think that anyone can go wrong buying any cards from this set ‘on the blind’…

Curt Schilling’s Bloody Sock From 2004 World Series Sells For $92,613

Curt Schilling’s Bloody Sock From 2004 World Series Sells For $92,613

The Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) — A bloody sock worn by Curt Schilling while pitching for the Boston Red Sox in Game 2 of the 2004 World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals was sold for $92,613 at a live auction on Saturday night at the Fletcher-Sinclair Mansion.

Schilling had loaned his sock to the National Baseball Hall of Fame Museum but when his Rhode Island-based video game company ”38 Studios” went bankrupt, he decided to sell the sock that was bloodied as he pitched on an injured ankle.

Bidding began at $25,000 several weeks ago. Texas-based Heritage Auctions anticipated it would get more than $100,000.

An anonymous bidder submitted the winning bid.

”It’s a one of a kind item, so it’s really tough to gauge what kind of interest you’re going to get,” Chris Ivy, director of Sports Auctions for Heritage Auctions said. ”Sometimes you catch lightning in a bottle where a piece will take off like the Buckner ball. This particular time, it’s the first time we sold a sock with blood on it so it’s very hard to gauge what kind of final number it’s going to end up.”

Schilling helped end Boston’s 86-year championship drought – the ”Curse of the Bambino” – by pitching on an ankle that had been sutured more than once through the postseason. Pitching with a damaged tendon resulted in bleeding through the sock. Still, Schilling allowed only a run in six innings.

1988 Fleer Super Star Special – ‘Crunch Time’ – Starring Darryl Strawberry And Eric Davis

1988 Fleer Super Star Special – ‘Crunch Time’ – Starring Darryl Strawberry And Eric Davis

I have been back collecting baseball cards since the summer of 2008.

And since that time, I have bought this baseball card three times.  And that is not by accident…


The first time I scooped up this card was when I decided to put together a collection of cards that honored Darryl Strawberry’s time with the New York Mets.

The next time I bought the card was when I decided to collect subsets from my youth that brought back a lot of memories of collecting cards as a kid.  One of the many subsets that I tackled was the 1988 Fleer ‘SuperStar Special’ set.

And now, as I work on my Eric Davis player collection, I once again find a need to grab this card from the 1988 Fleer baseball card set.

Lucky for me, it is not three strikes and you’re out…


Happy Birthday Mike Lowell!!!

Happy Birthday Mike Lowell!!!

Mike Lowell turns 39 years old today.

My favorite Florida Marlin of all-time, Mike Lowell displayed the tools I enjoy seeing in a baseball player.  Dedication, leadership, desire to win, etc…  are all attributes that Lowell applies to his sport and the results are certainly deserved – I would have just loved to have seen them ALL be reached while wearing the Marlins uniform.

Lowell spent seven seasons with the Marlins, and became an All-star while wearing Teal & Black.  In those seven seasons, Lowell amassed a batting average of .272 while collecting 965 hits.  His knack for run production led to his 143 home runs, 578 RBI, and 477 runs scored.

Lowell was an All-star 4 times, 3 with the Marlins and once with the Boston Red Sox.  He won the Silver Slugger award in 2003, a Gold Glove in 2005, and finished in 11th place for the league MVP Award in 2003.

Mike Lowell is a 2-time World Series champion, winning one title with the Marlins in 2003, and his second in 2007 with the Boston Red Sox.

Happy Birthday Mike!!


Stan Musial 2010 Topps ‘Logo Man’

Stan Musial 2010 Topps ‘Logo Man’

I’m still scooping up cards of Stan Musial as I come across them.

This is just my second ‘Topps Logo Man’ card from the 2010 Topps baseball card set.  The first card I obtained from the set was of Andre Dawson ( surprised?) and now this one:


The card is sharp. 

I like the ‘Logo Man’ theme, but for this card of Musial, I find the logo to be just a tad too big.  Maybe if the card featured an action shot of Musial versus a posed portrait it would be better…

Still, a great addition to my collection!  RIP, Stan.