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2001 Fleer Platinum ‘Winning Combinations’ Starring Dave Winfield & Tony Gwynn – “San Diego’s Famers”

2001 Fleer Platinum ‘Winning Combinations’ Starring Dave Winfield & Tony Gwynn – “San Diego’s Famers”

I had never seen 1 of the 40 cards that make up this set, but I am now very intrigued by what 2001 Fleer’s ‘Winning Combinations’ has to offer.

Check out what got me all excited:


Nice, huh?

The card features two of San Diego’s finest players – David Winfield and Anthony Gwynn.  And I am happy to see that the card pays homage to the times that Winfield and Gwynn played for the Padres with their very different uniforms being present.

Tagged as “San Diego’s Famers”, these two players are easily the most accomplished players to come through the San Diego Padres organization.

I love cards like this.  And now, I have to find the checklist!!!

Frank Robinson 2002 Topps Archives Reserve Refractor – 1966 Topps Design

Frank Robinson 2002 Topps Archives Reserve Refractor – 1966 Topps Design

Back in the early 2000’s Topps’ Archives sets were heaven for a collector like me.  And while I did not get back into collecting actively until 2008, Archives quickly became a set that I drifted to simply due to the tribute it paid to the past – a past that I recall fondly!

This card of Frank Robinson is extremely shiny.  It is a refractor of his base card from the 2002 Topps Archives set, and a reprint of his 1966 Topps baseball card.

Have a look:


A great addition to my Frank Robinson player collection.

Loving the crew-cut!!!

George Brett 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter

George Brett 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter

What a nice looking baseball card!!!


I am far from the biggest fan of the 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter baseball card set.  As a matter of fact, I am probably in the minority with my opinion…

But every once in a while, I really find a card from that issue that draws me in.

And this is certainly one.  And it is also an example of what keeps me coming back to just see if there are more that can duplicate that same feeling!!!

Eric Davis 1988 Donruss All-Star

Eric Davis 1988 Donruss All-Star

There he is – with that famous batting stance of his…


It’s just too bad that the photograph used on this baseball card is so zoomed in because the photographer captured a perfect picture of one of the most famous batting stances of the 1980’s.

As you can see, Davis kept his hands at waist-level.  And when he began his swing, he would rear back with great speed and then pounce forward throwing his hips and shoulders into the swing.

It was a batting stance often emulated by me and my buddies in the late 1980’s while playing various versions of baseball in the neighborhood.

And yes, I can see those sweet wristbands too!!

Milestones To Look Forward To During The 2013 Major League Baseball Season

Milestones To Look Forward To During The 2013 Major League Baseball Season

I had a great time doing this prior to the starts of the 2011 and 2012 baseball seasons, so I thought I would give it another go as we prepare for the start of this upcoming campaign.

So, without further ado, I bring to you some of the milestones I will be looking for in 2013…

Ichiro’s push towards 2,800 career hits in the major leagues.  He starts the season with 2,606.


Todd Helton marches towards 2,500 career hits.  He starts the 2013 campaign with 2,420 hits.


David Ortiz looks to capture the 2,000th hit of his major league career.  He will start the season with 1,863 career hits.


Albert Pujols looks to join the ‘500 HR Club’.  He will start his 13th major league season with 475 homers  on his resume.


Ryan Howard looks to drive in the 1,000th run of his big league career.  He will start the season with 920 RBI.


Ryan Braun looks to add another 30/100 season to his resume.  He has done it for the last 5 seasons.  Can he make it six in a row?


CC Sabathia looks to lock up career victory number 200.  He will start the season with 191 career wins.


Matt Cain is out to capture career victory #100 – he is currently sitting at 85.


Justin Verlander is approaching 1,500 career strikeouts.  He needs just 46 to hit the mark.


Tim Lincecum is nearing 1,500 career strikeouts.  I’m still unsure of what his role may be this season, Lincecum needs 183 K’s to reach the mark.


So there you have it – These are some of the baseball milestones that I will be tracking as the 2013 season gets under way. Just like in previous seasons, I will offer up recaps of these possible baseball milestones as the season progresses – please stay tuned for that.

What are you going to be watching for this year??

Thanks for reading!!!

Florida Marlins 2011 Topps Lineage Team Set – Base

Florida Marlins 2011 Topps Lineage Team Set – Base

I had this set sitting around for a while, and for no reason at all I skipped showing it off.

I am a big fan of the Lineage release, and I wish that this set lasted more than just one year.

The Marlins team set from this release is just three cards deep, but there are multiple versions  to be had.

This is the base version of the Marlins team set.


And now, I need to go after the Platinum, Diamond Anniversary, and 1975 Mini versions next!!!

This should be fun.  Wish me luck!!

Jim Palmer 2012 Panini Cooperstown ‘Induction’ Baseball Card

Jim Palmer 2012 Panini Cooperstown ‘Induction’ Baseball Card

As I mentioned in a prior post, I am  done collecting base cards from the 2012 Panini Cooperstown set.  I have all of the guys that I want, and I have made the decision, for now, to not go after the complete set.

However, there are still a few subsets that interest me – primarily due to the fact that they contain guys that I collect.

The ‘Induction’ set is one of those sets.  I have already added the card of Johnny Bench from that subset into my collection.

And now, I have added the Jim Palmer card as well.

Have a look:


Time to review the checklist of cards in this subset so I can make sure that I get all of the ones I would want.

Jim Rice 1984 Fleer

Jim Rice 1984 Fleer

The 1984 Fleer baseball card design was just basic enough to allow for the photo to take ‘center stage’ as the card’s most prominent feature.

As you can see on this card of Jim Rice from the set, the image was definitely the focal point of the card.


I like the look – nice and clean.  If Fleer had added just a bit of flair, maybe with the player’s name and position, it would have been a little more artsy, but I am good with this classic look.

Did You Know…

Harmon Killebrew hit more home runs during the 1960’s than any other player in the major leagues.

Killebrew slugged 393 round-trippers in the decade, finishing ahead of Hank Aaron’s 375 and Mays’ 350.


Time To Play ’30-Year Old Cardboards’ 4th Annual ‘Opening Day Contest’!!!

Time To Play ’30-Year Old Cardboards’ 4th Annual ‘Opening Day Contest’!!!

As we all eagerly wait for the 2013 baseball season to begin, I want to start it off right.

And one way to accomplish that is to host a contest!!!  This is the fourth straight season in which I am hosting an ‘Opening Day Contest’.

Here is how it will work:

There are 12 games scheduled on Opening Day, April 1.  You can review the schedule, and see the starting pitchers by clicking here.  To win this contest, you need to guess how many total strikeouts will be thrown in these 12 games.  To enter, simply leave a comment on this post with your pick.  Once a number is taken, it cannot be used again.  The person who gets the closest, without going over, to the actual number of strikeouts tossed wins!!!

Opening Days brings out the sport’s top pitchers.  From Clayton Kershaw to King Felix to Justin Verlander to CC Sabathia – there will be a ton of K’s.  So, do your homework and make your selections now!!!

The winner of my ‘Opening Day Contest’ will win this:


That’s right – 2 jumbo packs of 2013 Topps Opening Day baseball cards!!

Sound good??  Wanna play??

Then do your homework and make your picks.  All selections must be made by 9PM EST on Sunday night.  I will post a list of the players and their picks on Monday morning.

Good luck everyone!!!