A Facebook Promotion Brings Me A Fantastic Signed Baseball For My Collection. Read Now!!

A Facebook Promotion Brings Me A Fantastic Signed Baseball For My Collection.  Read Now!!

I am not very active on Facebook.  I primarily use it as a tool to keep up with web and sports news and to wish friends from prior times a ‘Happy Birthday’.

I also keep tabs on the hobby a bit through Facebook.  And one of the pages that I watch is MAB Celebrity Services.  MAB is always organizing and hosting shows that feature the greats from all sports.  Not only do they host the signings, but they also sell signed merchandise from prior events that they have sponsored.

Well, everyday MAB has a 24-hour sale on a single item.  And it ranges from all sports – basketball, football, wrestling, NASCAR, and of course, baseball!!

So, I check their pager regularly as you never know what can/will appear.

I had yet to make a purchase until late last week when they offered up a signed baseball that I could not turn down.

For just $29.99, I was able to bring this home:

Palmer WS Ball

How about that???

And when I tell you that the next signed baseball that I wanted to add to my Jim Palmer collection was going to include this EXACT inscription, I am not fibbing.  This is exactly what I was wanting – I am very excited to call this one mine!!!

Thank you MAB.  I cannot wait to see what you may offer next!!!


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