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Barry Bonds 2006 Topps ‘Rookie Of The Week’ – 1987 Topps Design

Barry Bonds 2006 Topps ‘Rookie Of The Week’ – 1987 Topps Design

In most instances, modern cards that feature vintage designs with new images typically look better than the original.  And while I will almost always prefer the older look, I have to admit that some of the new stuff is really, really nice.

Topps released a set in 2006 called ‘Rookie Of The Week’.  The set features 25 cards, and boasts a grand checklist of Hall of Famers and baseball legends.  Each card features a vintage baseball card design with an updated photo.  In all of the cases that I have seen, Topps has done a fantastic job of finding images from the era that the card design comes from.

This is the Barry Bonds card from that set:


The card looks great, and you know that I am a sucker for a card that features a batting cage as the back-drop.

But for me, the original from the 1987 Topps set looks better.

Still, this is a great card.  And the more of these that I secure makes me want to possibly take a shot at going after the full set…

Time will tell…

Sparky Anderson 1985 Topps Manager’s Card

Sparky Anderson 1985 Topps Manager’s Card

Sparky Anderson and the Detroit Tigers were riding high at the conclusion of the 1984 baseball season – They were the champions!!!

You’d think that Topps would have tried a bit harder to find an image of a ‘Smiling Anderson’ for his manager’s card in their 1985 set.  This is of course assuming that an image like that exists…



As for the Tigers, their 1985 year was a far cry from their prior season.  They finished in 3rd place in the AL East with a 84-77 record, 15 games behind the division leading Blue Jays.

Did You Know…

Richie Ashburn led the major leagues in hits during the 1950’s.  Ashburn amassed 1,875 hits during the decade, and was the National League leader in hits during three different seasons.


Happy Birthday Kevin Brown!!

Happy Birthday Kevin Brown!!

Kevin Brown turns 48 years old today.

A 19-year veteran, Kevin Brown enjoyed a very solid major league baseball career as a starting pitcher.  A lifetime record of 211-144, equating to a win percentage of 59.4%, is strong considering some of the cellar-dwelling teams that Brown suited up for.

With dominant stuff on the mound, and very good health, Brown pitched 3,256 innings.  In that time, he compiled a 3.28 ERA while amassing 2,397 strikeouts.

Brown was an All-Star six times and finished in the Top 6 for the Cy Young award on five occasions.  He had one 20-win season with the Texas Rangers in 1992 when he went 21-11.

Kevin Brown is a member of the 1997 World Series Champion Florida Marlins!

Happy Birthday Mr. Brown!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #11 – Billy Ripken 1989 Fleer ‘F*CK FACE’ Card – The Real Deal!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #11 – Billy Ripken 1989 Fleer ‘F*CK FACE’ Card – The Real Deal!!!

With the purchase of this baseball card, I am able to scratch another one off of my ‘Top Ten Cards I Want To Add To My Collection List’.

This card had so much hype surrouding it in 1989 – I would have to say that for a non-rookie baseball card, this card is easily the most talked about card from my youth.

As a kid, I never had one of these.  I had seen tons of them, and their various ‘blacked out’ versions, but these things all cost a pretty penny back in the day, with some of them easily surpassing the $100.00 price point.

While at the show, I saw two of them.  One dealer was asking $10 and the other was asking $8.  With the help of another dealer, and the show’s top promoter, we were able to talk the dealer asking for $8 down to $5.00.

And then it was my turn to hand over a $5.00 bill.

Have a look:


I have wanted this card for a very long time.  And to be honest, I am really not interested in any of the other versions.  This is the one that I wanted, and I am really happy to have this very popular and highly-collected piece of cardboard from my childhood back in my collection.


Baseball Card Show Purchase #10 – 1967 Topps National League 1966 Strikeout Leaders w/Koufax, Bunning, Veale

Baseball Card Show Purchase #10 – 1967 Topps National League 1966 Strikeout Leaders w/Koufax, Bunning, Veale

Never in a million years did I think that I would find a ‘real’ baseball card of Sandy Koufax in any bargain bins at the card show.

But, I did!  And I scooped it right up!!

Have a look:


The card comes from the 1967 Topps baseball card set and commemorates the strikeout leaders in the National League from the 1966 baseball season.

Sure, the corners are a bit soft and rounded, but it is SANDY FREAKIN’ KOUFAX!!!!