Carlton Fisk 1984 Donruss

Carlton Fisk 1984 Donruss

While the 1984 Donruss design does not offer a lot as it relates to creative graphic design, there are quite a few superb images used in the set.

Yes, like the other sets released around that time, there are tons of posed portraits and images ruined due to bad cropping, but there are some gems as well.

And this, my friends, is an example of  fantastic photo selection made by Donruss:


The odds are pretty good that Fisk is having a conversation with the pitcher on the mound and maybe an infielder or two.

One of the many things that I liked about Fisk is that he commanded your attention while on the field in the role of catcher.  He was the leader of the club, and everyone knew it, respected it, and often won because of it!!


4 responses to “Carlton Fisk 1984 Donruss

  1. Great card! I like your choice as this atypical shot shows Fisk in role that often goes overlooked: field general. Thanks for the great post.

  2. Ron Churchwell

    When the 1984 Donruss set first came out, I fell in love with the design. Even though some of the pics seem to have too much purple in it, overall I thought it was much better then anything that had come out during the 1980’s up to that point, with the possible exception of the 1983 Topps. .I was overjoyed when in the summer of 1984 I found a 3200 count box of Donruss for $20.00. That was prior to everybody finding out that it was shorter printed that year. Still one of my all time favorite sets and the Mattingly RC is a must have for ANY collection!

    Fortunately, many of the stars in the set had great pics as the Carlton Fisk clearly demonstrates.

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