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Jim Palmer 2006 Topps Turkey Red – Red

Jim Palmer 2006 Topps Turkey Red – Red

I’ve been enjoying the journey of scoring more cards from the 2006 Topps Turkey Red baseball card set.

While being extremely picky with my selections, I have pretty much just gone after the guys that I collect.

And each and every time, I am liking what I am bringing home!!

My latest haul from the 2006 Topps Turkey Red set is a ‘Red’ version of the base card that features Hall Of Famer, Jim Palmer.

Have a look:


I have the base card in my collection already.¬† This is a fantastic addition to not only my Jim Palmer ‘Super Collection’ but also for my small, but great-looking 2006 Topps Turkey Red one as well.


Pete Rose 1986 Sportflics

Pete Rose 1986 Sportflics

As¬†a kid, I was never very fond of the Sportflics brand of baseball cards.¬† For me, they just did not offer the same appeal to me as a ‘normal’ baseball card.

Fast forward twenty+ years and I have a little more appreciation for the set.  Yes, as with almost everything that I collect, I like the ones that celebrate the baseball heroes of the past.

Like this one of Pete Rose…


You can barely make it out, but one of the images on this card is of a very young crew-cut wearing Rose.¬† My guess is that the image was snapped in the early 1960’s.¬†

So, while most card companies in 1986 were issuing cards of Rose that celebrated him becoming baseball’s new ‘Hit King’, this one took us back to the beginning of his playing career.

Thank You, Sportflics!!!

George Brett 1985 Donruss

George Brett 1985 Donruss

Donruss is certainly not going to win any awards for the design of their 1985 issue, but  there are a few gems in the set.

And I believe that this card of George Brett falls into that category. 


The image used for this card is superb.  Based on the chain link fence in the background, I am fairly, if not 100%, certain that the shot was taken at a Spring Training facility.  The only puzzling thing about that is that Brett is wearing long sleeves which usually indicates cold weather. 

I love the action captured¬†in this image.¬† And the angle at which the shot was snapped is a unique one as it gives us a glimpse of Brett coming out of the batter’s box after making contact with a pitch.


Happy Birthday Benito Santiago!!!

Happy Birthday Benito Santiago!!!

Benito Santiago turns 48 years old today.

Santiago was an established baseball star when he joined the Florida Marlins in 1993 for their inaugural baseball season.

Santiago was the team’s¬†most well known player, and his Hispanic heritage made him an¬†instant hit in¬†with the fans and city of Miami.¬† Benito became an ambassador of¬†the game in¬†South Florida and he still makes periodic appearances associated with the team.

Santiago was a 5-time All-star, a 4-time Silver Slugger trophy winner, and the winner of three Gold Glove awards.  He also won the Rookie of the Year Award as a member of the San Diego Padres during the 1987 baseball season.

Happy Birthday Benito!!! 

Ricky Nolasco To Start On ‘Opening Day’ For Miami Marlins

Ricky Nolasco To Start On ‘Opening Day’ For Miami Marlins

From Yahoo Sports

Miami Marlins pitcher Ricky Nolasco was named the team’s Opening Day starter on Thursday.

Nolasco, 30, struck out six Mets in 3 2/3 innings and has allowed just one unearned run in 5 2/3 innings this spring. He’s one of the remaining members of the rotation after Josh Johnson and Mark Buehrle were traded to the Toronto Blue Jays over the winter.

The Marlins are scheduled to open the season on the road April 1 against the Washington Nationals.

The righty posted a 12-13 record and a 4.48 ERA last season in 31 starts.

I Have A New Gem In My ‘Ultimate Dawson’ Collection. You’ve Got To See This!!!

I Have A New Gem In My ‘Ultimate Dawson’ Collection. You’ve Got To See This!!!

You may recall tha tback in January I showed off a Pete Rose signed photo that I had picked up for what I thought was a huge bargain.¬† If you don’t remember, or would just like ot re-visit that story, you can do so here.

As excited as I was to obtain the signed photo of ‘The Hit King’, I knew that my mission was only half complete.

So, a few weeks later, I sent a ‘Mystery Package To Andre Dawson’.

Well, now, less than three weeks later, I am very excited to annouce that my ‘Mystery Package’ has been returned to me.

And now I have a new ‘GEM’ in my ‘Ultimate Dawson’ Collection.

Have a look:


Signed perfectly in Blue Sharpie by Andre Dawson, this is my first ever dual-signed photo.  And I could not be more happy with how it turned out.

As usual, Dawson applied a perfect signature to the photo, and he placed it exactly where I asked him to.

Having Pete Rose’s signature on this image was spectacular.¬†

Now having this image signed by both superstars is for me, unreal!!!!

Thanks for reading!!!