Pete Rose 1986 Sportflics

Pete Rose 1986 Sportflics

As a kid, I was never very fond of the Sportflics brand of baseball cards.  For me, they just did not offer the same appeal to me as a ‘normal’ baseball card.

Fast forward twenty+ years and I have a little more appreciation for the set.  Yes, as with almost everything that I collect, I like the ones that celebrate the baseball heroes of the past.

Like this one of Pete Rose…


You can barely make it out, but one of the images on this card is of a very young crew-cut wearing Rose.  My guess is that the image was snapped in the early 1960’s. 

So, while most card companies in 1986 were issuing cards of Rose that celebrated him becoming baseball’s new ‘Hit King’, this one took us back to the beginning of his playing career.

Thank You, Sportflics!!!

2 responses to “Pete Rose 1986 Sportflics

  1. As a kid, and as an adult I always wished Sportflics cards would show the multiple pictures of continuos action, instead of three unrelated photos.

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