Kirby Puckett’s Iconic 1984 Fleer Update Rookie Baseball Card

Kirby Puckett’s Iconic 1984 Fleer Update Rookie Baseball Card

There are very few baseball cards that hold the same feeling in my heart today like they did when I was a young collector back in the mid-1980’s.

I guess that a lot of that has to do with the fallen stars that debuted around that time – From Clemens to Gooden to Bonds, and the list goes on…

But, there are a few cards that still make my draw drop from that time period – and this is one of them:

This is Kirby’s lone release from 1984 – making it his major-brand debut.  From the 1984 Fleer Update set, this card was not a common one to have in your collection.  In fact, I never knew anyone that owned one…

Maybe because of the scarcity, maybe because of the cost, and most certainly because the card could only be found in factory sets that also consisted of two other high profile rookie cards in Roger Clemens and Dwight Gooden, this card was more of a dream than a reality for many collectors.

Even on Ebay today, you can usually find no more than a dozen of these running at any one time.  But, for his 1985 baseball cards, you typically find no less than 250.



8 responses to “Kirby Puckett’s Iconic 1984 Fleer Update Rookie Baseball Card

  1. This card is near the top of my want list right now. Still redeemer it being more of a legend as a kid.

    Question for you. There have not been any new Kirby Puckett cards in several years. There are many rumors online to why this is (ownership of his likeness, etc). Have you heard anything about this?

  2. Ron Churchwell

    Has always been a very tough set to get, and to this day, still the only one I do not have from the 1980’s. One of these days I need to break down and get one to complete the decade! lol

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