And This Is Why If I Owned An MLB Team That I WOULD NOT Let My Players Compete In The World Baseball Classic!!!

And This Is Why If I Owned An MLB Team That I WOULD NOT Let My Players Compete In The World Baseball Classic!!!

From Yahoo Sports – Hanley Ramirez Expected To Miss Eight Weeks Of Action

Now I don’t know about you, but if I had giants stacks of money invested in a player and he was competing for something that did not involved the potential success for my ballclub, I would have a problem with that.

Putting aside the pride to play for the country that you were born in, the players have to get that right??  And the owners too, wouldn’t you think??

For the life of me, I just cannot understand how any owner of a professional sports team that had put millions and billions of dollars into the salaries of its players would ever let something like this happen.

And now, one of the stars of the Los Angeles Dodgers could have his season and his team’s season ruined as a result.  I know Hanley pretty well, he played for my team for six years.  He gets effected by quite a bit – and he shows it in his play often.  An injury like this takes a lot to recover from – his swing my have to change, his wrist speed may be effected, and his power may decline as a result.  This surgery does not just affect Hanley Ramirez – it affects the players that were slated to bat before him in the lineup and the ones batting immediately after him too.

All MLB owners should take note of this situation.  And if you do are not a part-owner of the Dodgers, be thankful that this did not happen to one of your players.

We’ll see if/how this affects the rosters of the next World Baseball Classic…

Hanley, I wish you a speedy recovery.  And I hope that you can quickly regain your form as I really enjoy watching you play baseball.  Best of luck to you for a fast recovery!!!


8 responses to “And This Is Why If I Owned An MLB Team That I WOULD NOT Let My Players Compete In The World Baseball Classic!!!

  1. Would you feel the same if Hanley was injured while playing in the winter league/Caribbean World Series?

    Like it or not the WBC is here to stay. The timing of the WBC is not good. It would be a lot better if it was played in between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    • Matt- 100%. If I was a team owner, that. Is a huge risk for my investment.

      • So there shouldn’t be an All-Star game either then?

      • Matt- The ASG is not played with nearly the same kind of energy that the WBC was played with. Plus the ASG is an MLB event; as an owner it would be beneficial to have your players there.

      • A player could get injured just the same in an All-Star game or shagging balls during batting practice.

        As far as the WBC (created by MLB) goes it is beneficial to the owners of baseball teams as the game of baseball is being spread out through the entire world encouraging kids to play therefore making the talent pool deeper. I think the WBC has been better at spreading the game of baseball throughout the world than anything else (ie Olympics which cancelled the sport).

        Who would have thought that the Netherlands would have such great talent on their team. I can’t wait to see Andrelton Simmons play for the Braves and Jonathan Schoop play for the Orioles.

      • Matt- I agree that the WBC is a fantastic showcase for the sport. But as a team owner, I think that the possible risk is nowhere near what the reward brings, that’s all.

        Let’s see how things shake out with Hanley and the Dodgers offense before and after he returns. My assumption is that they, and he, will suffer as a result of his injury.

      • I think the Dodgers will be ok with Gordon or Cruz at SS and Hairston at 3b. They won’t match Ramirez’s offensive(maybe) output but I think they will be equal to or better defensively. I think the Dodgers can live with that for a 1/4 – 1/2 season while Ramirez recovers from his injury.

        Their biggest on field concerns will be how Crawford plays and how Grienke & Billingsley pitch. Too many variables to say exactly how much Ramirez will be missed.

      • Matt- Time will tell, my friend, time will tell.

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