Florida Marlins 1996 Bowman Team Set

Florida Marlins 1996 Bowman Team Set

The 1996 Bowman baseball card design is not going to win any awards for graphic artistry.

But, the set’s color scheme does allow for the Black, White, and Teal of the Florida Marlins team colors to really stand out and take center-stage.

I recently picked up the team set on Ebay for $1.00.

Here is a look at my investment:



As I look through this set again, you can just start to some of the pieces coming together that formed the 1997 World Series team.  From Castillo and Conine and Edgar and Livan and Sheffield. And for every player that I recall fondly there are also the ones that I have no recollection of like Cunnane, McMillon, and Sheff.

And yes that is Josh Booty in the set as well – No ‘Knuckler’ included…

2 responses to “Florida Marlins 1996 Bowman Team Set

  1. Bowman had some interesting designs before they started using black as the major color in all their designs. Like the Livan Hernandez card. He was a fan favorite in Washington when he played for the Nationals.

    • Matt- Livan is still a hero to the Marlins fans that are left. I’ve always made sure to watch his games when televised, regardless of who he is pitching for. Without him, we would not have won the title in 1997!

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