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Lou Brock 2001 Topps ’50 Years Of Topps’ – “Noteworthy”

Lou Brock 2001 Topps ’50 Years Of Topps’ – “Noteworthy”

I have slowly been picking up cards from this set as I come across them.  And for the most part, I am scooping them up at pretty low prices.

While extremely busy, I really like the whole ‘Noteworthy ‘ theme and design.

The card also features a Gold ’50 Years Of Topps’ logo and a great image of Brock.


Man I wish that Dawson and Jenkins had a card in this set!!!

Jim Palmer 2007 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts

Jim Palmer 2007 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts

The Jim Palmer train continues to chug along as I add bulk and quality to my collection.

And based on how the first few months of the 2013 collecting year have been going, it looks like my Palmer collection is going to grow larger in size, percentage-wise, than my other super collections of Andre Dawson and Fergie Jenkins.

My latest pick-up of Palmer comes from the 2007 Upper Deck SP baseball card set.  The card is extremely dark and features a lot of Golden filigree detail work.

My favorite element of the card is the old Orioles logo which takes center stage!

Have a look:

Willie McCovey 2012 Topps Vintage Legends!!!

Willie McCovey 2012 Topps Vintage Legends!!!

Normally I would get down on a card company for using an image like this for a set tagged as ‘Vintage Legends’.

But, I am going to let this one pass…

First, let me show you the card.  And then I will tell you why this one gets some preferential treatment.

The card:


Ok, and now on to my reasoning…  This card is celebrating legend.  And while doing so, I would prefer to see an element that made the player a part of such a special series.

But, this card does involve some legendary things..

First, you have a classic baseball card design and team logo.

Then, you have an unreal set of sideburns!!!

Do your thang, Willie!!

Mike Schmidt 1986 Fleer – What A Waste Of A Card!!!

Mike Schmidt 1986 Fleer

Seriously, how in the world did this choice of photo ever get past the editor at Fleer?

What you have is a shot of Schmidt warming up his throwing arm prior to the start of a game.  This is somewhat of a baseball tradition – used to get the shoulders loose, get the guys on the field, and get the guys warmed up for the game.

The problem is that this particular image shows Schmidt in the midst of doing nothing at all.  He looks to be waiting on the throw from his partner, just kind of standing there…

Have a look:


Fleer, I expect better than this!!!

Johnny Bench 2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Souvenir Logo Patch

Johnny Bench 2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Souvenir Logo Patch

I would consider myself a fan of Johnny Bench.  I have always admired his dedication to the game, and I like the fact that he stayed loyal to his team while the era of free agency took hold in the early 1980’s.

This is the third card that I picked up from one seller a few weeks ago on Ebay.  I’ve showcased the other two (Joe Morgan and Ernie Banks) in other posts, so now it is time to give a little spotlight to Mr. Bench.

Check out the card:


While I don’t currently have the extensive collection of Johnny Bench baseball cards that I seek, I have to say that this is the first time I have ever seen a card of him while playing defense at another position other than catcher.

Yes, I knew he was used as a ‘roaver’ at times to keep his bat in the line-up but give his knees a rest from catching.

But, I have never seen a card showing him without his catcher’s mitt!!!

My keen eye tells me that this photo of him was taken while playing third base.  Did you know that Bench played in 195 games, over eight seasons, while manning ‘The Hot Corner’???

Very cool – and unique too!!!