Vince Coleman 1987 Donruss Highlights

Vince Coleman 1987 Donruss Highlights

As you know, I am a really big fan of baseball cards that celebrate the history of the sport.  And they can be found in many different versions between most of the major-brand card companies.

For a few years in the mid-1980’s, Donruss issued a pretty sweet set of cards titled ‘Highlights’.  The set celebrated the feats accomplished during the prior baseball season, and the design was the same as the best set with just a different color scheme.

This is Vince Coleman’s card from the 1987 Donruss Highlights set.


The card celebrates Coleman collecting 100+ steals in the first three seasons of his career – 1985, 1986, 1987.

The card is one of the best in the set – and the feat is unheard of; not even done by the great Rickey Henderson or Lou Brock…

Atta Boy Vince!!


5 responses to “Vince Coleman 1987 Donruss Highlights

  1. Pretty amazing! Bet he wishes he would have stayed a Cardinal! Hed probably be a Hall Of Famer today!

  2. I hope you mean the Cardinals HOF and not the HOF in Cooperstown, because that career OBP is atrocious for a lead off guy.

  3. You thought I was a homer! lol

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