Did You Know…

Harmon Killebrew hit more home runs during the 1960’s than any other player in the major leagues.

Killebrew slugged 393 round-trippers in the decade, finishing ahead of Hank Aaron’s 375 and Mays’ 350.


10 responses to “Did You Know…

  1. Why yes I did as a matter of fact. lol

  2. RIP Killer. A great player and a great ambassador to the . Also owner to one of the most legible autographs in the game. On youtube there is an entire episode of home run derby from the late 50s with Harmon Killebrew Vs. Mickey Mantle. It’s a very cool video of bost players when they were in their prime.

    • Zebulon- I used to watch those replays all of the time when I was younger. It was such a fun and neat way for me and my dad to connect as we watched the heroes from his youth on display. Watching those shows was my introduction to Killebrew, Mantle, Mays, and others! Good times.

  3. That’s really cool. I just discovered that show a few years ago. It’s awesome seeing the legends hammer the ball as far as possible. Not being alive when they were active, its nice to see what they were all capable of!

  4. One of the greatest!

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