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Hank Aaron 2000 Topps Commemorative Set – Card #9 – 1962 Topps Design

Hank Aaron 2000 Topps Commemorative Set – Card #9 – 1962 Topps Design

This is the third card that I have obtained for this set since officially declaring that I wanted to build the full set as one of my 2013 collecting goals.

This is the 9th card in the set, a re-print of Aaron’s 1962 Topps baseball card:


I’m not sure if you could call Hank Aaron’s 1962 baseball season a ‘down year’, but ’62 was the first season since 1958 that Hank Aaron did not lead the National League in at least one major offensive statistical category.

Still, his 1962 season was superb!  The numbers: 191 hits, .323 average, .390 on-base percentage, 28 doubles, 45 home runs, 127 runs scored, 128 RBI, and just 73 strikeouts in 667 at-bats!!

Sparky Anderson 1981 Donruss Detroit Tigers Manager Card

Sparky Anderson 1981 Donruss Detroit Tigers Manager Card

This is the first non-Topps card I am adding to my Sparky Anderson collection.  And I have to be honest – I love it!!

Have a look:


As you know, I am a huge fan of the ‘Batting Cage Card’.  And this one certainly qualifies!!!

I don’t care if players are taking hacks in the cage, posing for pictures in front of the cage, or just watching another player take BP, I am fascinated by baseball cards that feature a batting cage as the backdrop.

If a checklist existed of them, I’d go get ’em!!!

Did You Know…

Since the inception of the award in 1956, no team has produced more Cy Young Award winners than the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Dodgers have had nine winners.  Can you name them??  (see below graphic for the answers)

Dodgers Flag

1956 – Don Newcombe
1962 – Don Drysdale
1963 – Sandy Koufax
1965 – Sandy Koufax
1966 – Sandy Koufax
1974 – Mike Marshall
1981 – Fernando Valenzuela
1988 – Orel Hershiser
2003 – Eric Gagne

1987 HEADLINE: Dennis Eckersley Traded To Oakland A’s

1987 HEADLINE: Dennis Eckersley Traded To Oakland A’s

On this day in 1987, the Chicago Cubs traded future Hall of Famer, Dennis Eckersley to the Oakland Athletics.

As part of a 5-player, 2-team trade, Eckersely and Dan Rohn were shipped to the Oakland A’s in exchange for Brian Guinn, Dave Wilder, and Mark Leonette.

Now I don’t know about you, but I would have to say that the A’s got the better end of that deal… You agree, right?? 🙂

PACK BREAK – 2 Rack Packs Of 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball Cards. Come See The Haul!!!

PACK BREAK – 2 Rack Packs Of 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball Cards.  Come See The Haul!!!

Last night I had to run out and grab a few things at Wal-Mart.  I had just been there over the weekend, but you know how that goes – sometimes you just forget some things…

Anyways, during the weekend, they did not have any of the new 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen baseball cards on the shelf.

But, since I knew that the product’s release was imminent, I tried again.  And this time I found the cards – Rack Packs!!!

For those of you that do now know, each rack pack contains 3 packs of cards, with each pack containing six cards.  There is also a bonus pack that holds three White frame exclusive cards.

And now, after that long introduction, let me show you my haul!!!

Rack Pack 1 – Base Cards

2013 GQ PACK 1A

2013 GQ PACK 1B

Rack Pack 1 – Inserts

2013 GQ PACK 1C

Rack Pack 1 – Minis

2013 GQ PACK 1D

Rack Pack 1 – White frame exclusives

2013 GQ PACK 1E

Rack Pack 2 – Base

2013 GQ PACK 2A

2013 GQ PACK 2B

Rack Pack 2 – Inserts & Short Prints

2013 GQ PACK 2C

Rack Pack 2 – Minis

2013 GQ PACK 2D

Rack Pack 2 – White frame exclusives

2013 GQ PACK 2E

Not a bad way to start my Gypsy Queen collecting!!!

Overall, I love this set.  It was great to pull cards of Andre Dawson, Hank Aaron, Bob Gibson, Lou Brock, John Smoltz, Ozzie Smith, Nolan Ryan, and others.  It was also really cool to pull a Dylan Bundy rookie card as well!! 

It is now time to start seeking out the retail blasters…

Thanks for reading.  Have a great day!

‘Million Dollar Question’ – What Would Your Mt. Rushmore Of 1980’s Baseball Cards Look Like??

‘Million Dollar Question’ – What Would Your Mt. Rushmore Of 1980’s Baseball Cards Look Like??

This week’s ‘Million Dollar Question’ is inspired by an email conversation that I had a week or so ago with loyal 30-YOC supporter and reader, Matt.

Matt and I communicate on a pretty regular basis – usually between blog comments, email, and Twitter chatter.  We have a lot in common, and just enough not in common to make our conversations pretty interesting and spirited.

And while our dialogue sometimes veers off track, we almost always end up back to two things we both love: Baseball & Baseball Cards!!

Well, we recently went back and forth about our favorite cards from different eras, and that ultimately led to us sending ‘Top Tens’, ‘Top Fives’, and ‘Mt. Rushmore’s’ back and forth.

And one of them was really, really fun – and tough too!

What Would Your Mt. Rushmore Of 1980’s Baseball Cards Look Like??

Well, after a long deliberation, and some back and forth, I think I have finally cemented mine.

And here it is:

Mt Rushmore

A breakdown (though you probably don’t need one):  1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card, 1989 Fleer Billy Ripken ‘F*CK FACE’, 1984 Topps Traded Dwight Gooden rookie card, and Jose Canseco 1986 Donruss ‘Rated Rookie’ rookie card.

Now if you ask me this question again in a week, some of my answers could change.  I am very confident about the placing of Griffey & Ripken on this Mt. Rushmore, and there are probably 8-10 strong contenders for the remaining two spots.  Ultimately, I went with Gooden and Canseco for their immediate impact on the hobby and how widely desired these two cards were by all kinds of collectors when they launched back in the 1980’s and how they still draw action today in the secondary market.

And now it is your turn! 

What Would Your Mt. Rushmore Of 1980’s Baseball Cards Look Like??

I can’t wait to see who you’re going to pick!!!  Let’s do this!!!