PACK BREAK – 2 Rack Packs Of 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball Cards. Come See The Haul!!!

PACK BREAK – 2 Rack Packs Of 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball Cards.  Come See The Haul!!!

Last night I had to run out and grab a few things at Wal-Mart.  I had just been there over the weekend, but you know how that goes – sometimes you just forget some things…

Anyways, during the weekend, they did not have any of the new 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen baseball cards on the shelf.

But, since I knew that the product’s release was imminent, I tried again.  And this time I found the cards – Rack Packs!!!

For those of you that do now know, each rack pack contains 3 packs of cards, with each pack containing six cards.  There is also a bonus pack that holds three White frame exclusive cards.

And now, after that long introduction, let me show you my haul!!!

Rack Pack 1 – Base Cards

2013 GQ PACK 1A

2013 GQ PACK 1B

Rack Pack 1 – Inserts

2013 GQ PACK 1C

Rack Pack 1 – Minis

2013 GQ PACK 1D

Rack Pack 1 – White frame exclusives

2013 GQ PACK 1E

Rack Pack 2 – Base

2013 GQ PACK 2A

2013 GQ PACK 2B

Rack Pack 2 – Inserts & Short Prints

2013 GQ PACK 2C

Rack Pack 2 – Minis

2013 GQ PACK 2D

Rack Pack 2 – White frame exclusives

2013 GQ PACK 2E

Not a bad way to start my Gypsy Queen collecting!!!

Overall, I love this set.  It was great to pull cards of Andre Dawson, Hank Aaron, Bob Gibson, Lou Brock, John Smoltz, Ozzie Smith, Nolan Ryan, and others.  It was also really cool to pull a Dylan Bundy rookie card as well!! 

It is now time to start seeking out the retail blasters…

Thanks for reading.  Have a great day!

11 responses to “PACK BREAK – 2 Rack Packs Of 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball Cards. Come See The Haul!!!

  1. That Bundy card is sweet!! If you ever need to find a home for it look no further!
    You got some really good cards out of your two rack packs! Too bad rack packs aren’t what they used to be (45 cards).

    • Matt- Thanks! I’m not too sure about that Bundy, it may have to stay with me for a while… If that changes, I will let you know.

      As for the pack size, it seems like GQ is the most expensive, per card, set that I have found in retail. $9.48 for a total of 21 cards.

      • Yeah that is pretty expensive. A blaster probably has more value. Are the white cards exclusive to the rack pack? A lot of people are liking those cards.

      • Matt- Yes, the white cards are looking pretty sharp. I hope to be able to grab the Dawson, Jenkins, and Palmer as I find them.

        As for exclusivity, yes I believe that they are only found in rack packs. Not 100% certain though…

  2. Great first batch! I know we’ll be sorting out what we want to trade & keep & collect over the next few weeks – but if you end up not needing them, I’d be very interested in:

    – Sliding Stars
    – No Hittiers
    White Kimbrel/Uglla
    – Braves and Yanks base

    I’ll sift through mine to see if I snagged any Fish or guys from your PC’s!

    What do you think of the design? My WallyMArt didn’t have any blasters either – just racks. BUT, I believe there was an empty row & price tag where the Blasters resided……there’s another collector in my zip code!

    • Ryan- We an definitely work out a deal. I’m probably not done buying just yet…

      So far, I have no Marlins so if you pull any, please hold them for me.

      As for the design, I love it. GQ is my favorite current Topps brand and in my eyes they did not disappoint with this release!!

  3. Uh….”Hitters” and “Uggla”. Yikes.

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  5. Have to agree with all the comments about the white bordered parallels. They look really sharp cards and should be a reasonably challenging set to put together!

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