Vince Coleman 1988 Topps ‘Record Breaker’ – HORRIBLE!!!

Vince Coleman 1988 Topps ‘Record Breaker’

Look, I know enough about the magical start to Vince Coleman’s big league career to know what this card is celebrating without flipping it over and reading the story on the back.

But, for kids ripping open packs of 1988 Topps baseball cards back in ’88, this card does very little to attract the collector….

The graphics are bland.  The style is blah.  And there is nothing exciting at all about this card that celebrates the speed and skill that Coleman brought to the sport.

Have a look:


You would never know, while looking at the front of this card, that Vince Coleman stole 100 or more bases in the first three seasons of his big league career – the first player EVER to steal 100+ in three straight seasons!!!

Hey Topps, give me an image of Coleman taking a lead off of first base OR a shot of him in full stride as he steams towards second OR a picture of his sliding head-first into third!!!



10 responses to “Vince Coleman 1988 Topps ‘Record Breaker’ – HORRIBLE!!!

  1. I totally agree that they could have easily chosen a better picture for Coleman. I’ve always liked that plain red design though. Two of my favorites as a kid were the Eddie Murray and McGwire cards. I don’t really have any fond memories of the Coleman but I do think he signed this card for me when he was a coach for the Cubs a few years ago.

  2. I agree with you on the Coleman picture (his 86 RB is the opposite – a very nice card). I agree with Moe on the design – I actually really like the 88 Record Breakers. I don’t have a great theoretical reason why, I just do 🙂

  3. That Murray card is awesome no matter if its the error version or the corrected version.

  4. Why isn’t he pictured sliding into second, third or home plate!

  5. For all you fans of the 1988 record breakers (if not this Coleman card) – I’ve got a blog where I’m ranking and counting down the worst to best cards in the 88 Topps set:

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