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Miami Marlins 2013 Topps Heritage Team Set With Two Giancarlo Stanton Short Prints!!!

Miami Marlins 2013 Topps Heritage Team Set With Two Giancarlo Stanton Short Prints!!!

I am not the biggest fan of the Topps Heritage brand.  Sure, I love that Topps pays tribute to their history, but for me the set lacks what I like about today’s cards that makes me buy packs and boxes.

Still, the Marlins fan and collector in me gets excited about the opportunity to bring home a new team set.

And this time around, I simply bought the complete set, sans SPs, on Ebay for a price that worked out to be much better than what I would have paid if I tried to put it together myself.

Here is a look at the whole set:




The complete set looks pretty nice, I have to admit it!

And as you can see, I was able to add both the ‘Posed’ and ‘In Action’ short print cards of Giancarlo Stanton to the team set as well.

As for the SP’s, I think it will be a fun little journey to see if I can add a few more to my collection.  I know that there are at least 4-5 more to go after and I will certainly work towards bringing at least a few more of them into the set.

Thanks for reading!

Fergie Jenkins 2002 Donruss Elite – ‘Passing The Torch’ – Front & Back

Fergie Jenkins 2002 Donruss Elite – ‘Passing The Torch’ – Front & Back

Adding new baseball cards of Fergie Jenkins to the collection is getting harder and harder, especially while trying to stick to a budget and shop wisely.

For the most part, I have a majority of the base cards issued of Fergie from both his playing days and post-playing days.

It’s the relics, autos, and serial numbered cards that I need most – and that almost always comes with a higher price tag.

Thankfully, I still find a card every once in a while that keeps pushing my collection to the next level.

That is the case for this 2002 Donruss Elite ‘Passing The Torch’ card that I picked up last week.  The card is serial numbered as 558/1000.

And it is so nice that I have to show off both the front and the back!

Check it out.






Ozzie Smith 2008 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts – ‘Wizard Of Oz’

Ozzie Smith 2008 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts – ‘Wizard Of Oz’

While not actively seeking new cards for my Ozzie Smith collection, I am not going to pass up the chance to bring some new ones home when I find them.

And if they look like the card below, it will certainly make that whole process even more rewarding.

The card comes from the 2008 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts set, and is serial numbered as 306/550.

Here is the card:


Besides the outstanding contrast of the action/posed images, you also have a nice Black & White / Color photo thing going as well.

And I have to say that the Red headline and the Blue ‘Wizard Of Oz’ tagline at the bottom are a nice play off of each other and the Cardinals colors.

Carlton Fisk 1989 Donruss

Carlton Fisk 1989 Donruss

Man, I have seen this swing a lot during my time.  I lived in Chicago from 1989-1994, and while I primarily focused my baseball attention to the Chicago Cubs, it was impossible to ignore the talents of some of the White Sox players.

From Frank Thomas to Lance Johnson to Robin Ventura to Ozzie Guillen and then to the legendary, Hall of Famer Carlton Fisk!!

This card of Fisk from the 1989 Donruss baseball card set perfectly captures the backswing of Fisk’s home run hitting swing.

Have a peek:


My favorite stat from Fisk’s 1989 baseball season – .356.  Fisk’s om-base percentage that season.  While not incredible for a leadoff hitter, it is pretty solid for a 41-year old catcher!!

Hall Of Fame Debate: Cast Your Vote For Jorge Posada!!!

Hall Of Fame Debate: Cast Your Vote For Jorge Posada!!!

While watching a bunch of Spring Training action this season, I noticed that the TV cameras focused in quite a bit on former players either in the stands or in the dugouts of their former teams.

Among the players present in camp was Jorge Posada, the most underappreciated member of the ‘Core Four’ of the New York Yankees.

It was nice to see Jorge visiting with the Yankees, though you have to think that many of the players on the team were unrecognizable to him, and he has not been away from the game for that long…  As a matter of fact, he looks like he can throw on a chest protector and still get it done.

And as usual, my mind drifted to Posada and his career.  And of course, I thought about his eventual Hall of Fame candidacy and wondered if he would be elected.

So, that is tonight’s Hall Of Fame Debate: Cast Your Vote For Jorge Posada!!!


First, a look at his numbers:

Seasons 17
Games 1829
Hits 1664
Doubles 379
Home Runs 275
Batting Average 0.273
On-Base Percentage 0.374
Runs Scored 900
RBI 1065
All-Star 5
Silver Slugger 5
Post Seasons 15
WS Titles 4


Jorge Posada put together a fantastic major league baseball career.  For the better part of 15 seasons, Posada anchored the New York Yankees pitching staff with his ability to handle multiple new pitchers every season.

But did he do enough on the field to earn himself a spot in Cooperstown??

I would say ‘No’.  While I really like Jorge Posada, and I also value what he did for a pitching staff that seemingly changed every season, I don’t think that he did enough on offensive, routinely, to gain enshrinement.

His power numbers are solid and his batting and on-base numbers are very good too.  But Jorge Posada was never ‘The Guy’ on offense to get his team going.  Sure, he had his moments in which he shined, but with the offense he played on, he was never the leader, just a somewhat reliable part.

Because of where he played, Jorge Posada was cherished – and rightfully so!!  But, if Jorge Posada played in another market, would he be as cherished?  I am not so sure.  Maybe by his home team, but not by the entire sport.  I would put him in a class right below the Hall of Fame, somewhere with Ted Simmons and Lance Parrish.


And now it is your turn. 

Cast your vote for Jorge Posada now!!!