Hall Of Fame Debate: Cast Your Vote For Omar Vizquel!!!

Hall Of Fame Debate: Cast Your Vote For Omar Vizquel!!!

Omar Vizquel played his final game in the major leagues on October 3, 2012.  In that game, he collected the last hit of his career as well – #2,877.

Upon his retirement from the sport, I recall a lot of people saying ‘Omar Vizquel, Hall of Famer’ or ‘Certain Hall of Famer, Omar Vizquel’.


Omar Vizquel as a Hall of Famer?

I don’t think so.  Not by a long shot.

For me, Omar Vizquel was a fantastic defender and a reliable player.  But that is all.

Yes, he amassed a lot of hits, even more than some current Hall of Famers, but he also played 24 seasons and in 2,968 games.  So, while the total number looks pretty solid, the average of 120 hits a year is a lot closer to average than elite.

As a matter of fact, the lone area in which Vizquel truly excelled was defense.  I have no problem putting his name in the conversation of greatest defensive shortstops in the history of baseball.  He belongs in that conversation way before he belongs in a talk about Hall of Fame certainty.


Vizquel could run (404 stolen bases) and he could score runs (1,445 lifetime runs scored) but he was never really considered as an offensive weapon.  He has a lifetime batting average of .277 and an on-base percentage of .336 – both numbers are far from great. 

Omar Vizquel was a 3-time All-Star and a winner of 11 Gold Glove Awards.

But Omar Vizquel is NOT a Hall of Famer. 

My vote has been cast!!


What about you?  Where does your vote lie – Is Omar Vizquel worthy of Hall of Fame enshrinement or is he just a very good ballplayer with fantastic defensive skills?

Cast your vote now!!!

18 responses to “Hall Of Fame Debate: Cast Your Vote For Omar Vizquel!!!

  1. He will always be a star in my binder, but that is about as close to the HOF as he will ever get. lol

  2. yea

  3. Very similar to Ozzie Smith IMO. The big difference between the two is AS appearances. Ozzie had 15 AS games to Vizquel ‘s 3. Vizquel also had to compete against Ripken, Jeter, Rodriguez, Garciapparra and Tejada while Smith’s main competition came from Barry Larkin later in his career. I don’t think Vizquel wil be a first ballot HOFer but I think he will be inducted and if I had a vote; I’d vote yes.

    • Matt- I would agree that the AL was stacked with more elite talent at SS than the NL while Vizquel played, but I cannot blame Ozzie Smith or Barry Larkin for playing in another league. If Vizquel was in the NL at the time that these buys starred, he would still not stack up.

      • Not blaming, stating a fact. If Smith and Larkin had to go up against AL shortstops in AS voting they would lose. If Smith was in the AL he’d have Vizquel’s career. If Smith is in the HOF than so should Vizquel.

      • Matt- Way too many ‘ifs’ for me to really consider him a Hall of Famer. I would toss Vizquel into the same group that I would put Lou Whitaker, Keith Hernandez, and other very solid players in.

    • I agree with this 100%. Plus, if you really DO consider him to be one of the “greatest defensive shortstops in the history of baseball”, then I don’t see how adding a respectable .272 average with 80 homers and 951 RBI is a whole lot different from Ozzie’s .262 average with 28 homers and 793 RBI. Smith only hit above .300 ONCE and his career high in RBI was 53. Sure, Omar played longer, but Ozzie would’ve needed a lot more than a few seasons to catch up.

      I don’t see how he gets shut out… but if Blyleven could get in, who knows?

      • Marcus- The offensive comparison with Ozzie Smith brings up a lot of good, debatable points. Personally, I think that a lot of it comes down to winning. Ozzie Smith was seen as a defensive genious on a winning club. And while he, too, was not an explosive player on offense, he did come very close to winning an MVP Award – something that Vizquel never came close to doing.

        If Vizquel’s defensive game had the same flare as Ozzie’s we may not be having this discussion…

      • Ron Churchwell

        Hey now, Blyleven deserves to be in the Hall . Easy now….

  4. Not sure if he deserves to be in the HOF… but your post immediately made me think of Ozzie Smith (don’t worry, I’ve already read your debate with Matt). I wouldn’t give him my vote, but if he ends up getting voted in… I’d understand and respect their decision.

    • Fuji- I agree with that. If he captures 75% of the writer’s vote, I would respect that. I just don’t see it happening when you have guys that played the same position and posted much, much better offensive numbers.

  5. I say no. I don’t think Ozzie Smith should of been a HOF either. Both put up a good amount of hits. But I think that’s due more to many years played. I don’t think Vizquel should be in the HOF. But I wouldn’t have a problem if he did. Mainly cuz Smith is in. And overall I consider Vizquel to be a better player than Smith

  6. Ozzie Smith :
    3 World Series appearances
    1982 WS Champion
    1985 NLCS MVP
    #1 Jersey Retired
    15 x AS
    13 x GG
    580 Stolen Bases
    Silver Slugger Awars
    Clemente Award
    Branch Rickey Award
    Lou Gehrig Award
    The guy has a statue outside Busch stadium. Enough said.

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