Which Don Mattingly Rookie Baseball Card Is Your Favorite???

Which Don Mattingly Rookie Baseball Card Is Your Favorite???

He’s one of the most recognized players from the 1980’s.  And his rookie baseball cards helped take baseball card collecting to another level when the hobby went from faltering to exploding.

Don Mattingly has three recognized rookie cards, from all three top manufacturers from that time.

Here they are:

1984 Topps

mattingly 1984 topps

1984 Fleer

mattingly 1984 fleer

1984 Donruss

mattingly 1984 donruss

A very nice selection of cards, and all three would be welcomed into most collections – especially of collectors that respect the 1980’s era of card collecting.

But, which one do you like the best?  Which one is your favorite??

For me, it is the one that I never had as a kid – 1984 Topps!  I have recently added this one to my collection, and I have to say that it helped make my collection of cards from that era feel a little more complete.

mattingly 1984 topps

Which one would you select???

17 responses to “Which Don Mattingly Rookie Baseball Card Is Your Favorite???

  1. Has to be the Donruss as that card forever changed the card collecting landscape. From making rookie cards more valuable then later years, and to appreciating the different print runs among various card manufacturers.

    • Ron- I recall the Topps having a pretty strong head of steam behind it too. It may have been different up north, but in FL where the Yankees trained during Spring Training, that Topsp card was like Gold!

      • Ron Churchwell

        yes, when they first came out the Topps card was the most wanted. It was only in the months and years that followed, when people realized the scarcity of the Donruss brand, that it surpassed the Topps as the most valuable. To this day when people are asked what iconic rookie cards from the 1980’s do they feel changed the hobby the most. the 1982 Topps traded Cal Ripken, 1984 Donruss Don Mattingly, and the 1989 Upperdeck Ken Griffey, Jr. card are usually the most cited.

      • Ron- I cannot argue with that logic. Nicely debated by you!!

      • Ron Churchwell

        <<<bows humbly lol. thank you

  2. For me it’s the Topps card. It’s an iconic card from the 1980’s.

  3. As a Canadian , my favourite is the 84 OPC rookie–probably since I have a few of t hem and not the others

  4. Topps. No contest.

  5. I used to walk to the local mall toy store to buy rack packs in hope of landing a Strawberry rookie. Never did. But as luck would have it, the packs often fell apart leaving lots of singles. The store manager would sell loose singles for 2 cents each. Along with some of my favorite veteran players, an unknown( to me anyway) Yankees 1st baseman kept falling out of those packs. I bought 9 of them ! My all time best rookie card “steal”!!

    That story being told, I still prefer the Donruss. I got mine in a pack and still have it!

  6. Fleer

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