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Frank Robinson 2001 Topps ’50 Years Of Topps’ – Noteworthy

Frank Robinson 2001 Topps ’50 Years Of Topps’ – Noteworthy

Another great card from the ‘Noteworthy’ set issued by Topps in 2001!!!


And while I would certainly prefer my cards of Mr. Robinson to contain action images from his amazing Hall of Fame career, I am just happy to see him included in such a neat set.

For some reason, this set is one of my favorite modern issues.  I like the whole ‘newsprint’ style.  If it contained action images, it could possibly rank in my ‘Top Five’ modern subsets.

Oh, yes, it is true!!


Vince Coleman 1988 Topps

Vince Coleman 1988 Topps

When most baseball fans hear the name Vince Coleman, they think of his three consecutive seasons of stealing at least 100 bases or more.

My mind certainly goes there and then quickly goes to a ‘What Could Have Been’ thought process….

From 1985-1987, Vince Coleman stole the show, literally.  Swiping 110, 107, and 109 bases during that time, Coleman was on a pace that no player had matched before, and one that would not be met again after. 


As for Coleman’s 1988 season, he still amassed a league leading 81 stolen bases!

Did You Know…

Sandy Koufax was the first pitcher in major league history to capture the Cy Young Award with a unanimous vote.  In 1963, Koufax went 25-5 with a 1.88 ERA and 11 shutouts.


Happy Birthday Larry ‘Chipper’ Jones!!!

Happy Birthday Larry ‘Chipper’ Jones!!!

Chipper Jones turns 41 years old today.

It’s hard to believe that we watched the recently retired Larry ‘Chipper’ Jones play major league baseball for close to 2 decades. I remember getting his rookie cards in packs when I collected cards as a kid and being thrilled to pull the brightest star in the set.

20+ years later, Chipper was nothing short of spectacular. His offensive dominance was consistent as any player in the game. And his skills seemed to sharpen season after season as he became a better hitter, a more powerful hitter, and a more disciplined hitter.

A 1-time shoe-in for the 3,000 hits club and 500 home runs club, neither accomplishment was met as his career ended.  And while his numbers still rank very high, especially when compared to other third baseman that have reached the Hall of Fame, they could have been among the game’s elite if Chipper’s health maintained.

Happy Birthday Chipper!!!

‘Million Dollar Question’ – Better 1975 Topps Rookie Card: George Brett OR Robin Yount??

‘Million Dollar Question’ – Better 1975 Topps Rookie Card: George Brett OR Robin Yount??

George Brett OR Robin Yount?

Robin Yount OR George Brett?

No matter how you slice it, these two players are some of the best that debuted in the 1970s and starred in the sport for decades after.

Each guy amassed incredible, Hall of Fame career numbers and you really cannot go wrong by calling either of them your favorite player.

But, when it comes to selecting which one had the better rookie baseball card, that is a decision that you can make.  Simply put, you more than likely enjoy one of them more than the other.

1975 Topps Brett.Yount

So, that is tonight’s ‘Million Dollar Question’ – Who had the better rookie baseball card from the 1975 Topps set: George Brett OR Robin Yount?

Before I give you my answer, let me tell you that I don’t have either of these cards in my collection.  But I hope to change that in time as I find them both to be essential cards to own for any collector that appreciates cards issued during the 1970’s.

And now for my vote…

George Brett

My pick is the George Brett card!!  This race is a lot closer than you may think, but ultimately I feel that the Brett card shows him off in a way that most fans recall him – as a supreme hitter!  In my opinion, the Yount card’s color scheme works better with the lettering and border color, but the image features him posing in a defensive stance and that is not something I think of when thinking of Mr. Yount.  Whereas the Brett card shows him posed in a causal batting stance, and that is certainly what I think of when I recall memories of watching him play.

The Purple and Pink used in the Brett card’s graphics are not traditional baseball colors, but the 1975 Topps baseball card set does not follow a lot of traditional baseball card rules.

And now it is your turn, which card do you prefer the most out of these two?  Let me hear it!!!

Thanks for reading.