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Nolan Ryan 1999 Topps Commemorative Set – Card #6 – 1973 Topps Design

Nolan Ryan 1999 Topps Commemorative Set – Card #6 – 1973 Topps Design

One of my 2013 collecting goals was to complete the 1999 Topps Nolan Ryan Commemorative baseball card set. The set features a re-print of each of Ryan’s base cards issued by Topps from his rookie season to his final season.

This is the 6th card in the set, a re-print of Ryan’s 1973 Topps baseball card:


As for Ryan’s 1973 season, it was historic!!  Ryan struck out a career high 383 batters during the 1973 baseball season.  And he did it in 326 innings of work.  The 383 K’s that Ryan amassed during the 1973 season is the eighth highest single-season tally in baseball history, and the highest number recorded since 1886 – Yes, 1886!!!

Atta Boy Nolan!!!

Johnny Bench 2005 Topps Rookie Cup – YUCK!!!

Johnny Bench 2005 Topps Rookie Cup – Base

I love this set!!

And I have yet to be disappointed by any of the cards that I have scooped thus far from the set.

Until now…

Have a look at the card of Johnny Bench from this set:


Come on Topps, what is with this image?  Sure, it could be worse, but there are so many fantastic images of a young Johnny Bench playing baseball with the Reds – couldn’t you have used one of these instead??

Topps did such a great job gathering images for this set; the cards of Andre Dawson, Ozzie Smith, Ron Santo, and Eddie Murray that I have grabbed thus far are so nice.  Sadly, this one of a very young Johnny Bench just does not do him any justice…

Maybe next time…


Carlton Fisk 1981 Fleer

Carlton Fisk 1981 Fleer

During the offseason between the 1980 and 1980 baseball seasons, Carlton Fisk signed a free-agent contract to join the Chicago White Sox. 

The signing occurred in March of 1981, way too late in the game for any of the major baseball card companies to correct their images and show Fisk wearing his new Sox uniform.

So, with the Topps, Donruss, and Fleer base cards issued in 1981 we got one more round of cards of him sporting the famous Boston ‘B’ on his cap.

Here is the Fleer card:


Cliff Lee 2012 Topps Archives ’77 Cloth Stickers

Cliff Lee 2012 Topps Archives ’77 Cloth Stickers

Shout-Out to loyal reader and friend of the blog, Q, for the donation of this baseball card.

The card is from the 2012 Topps Archives baseball card set.  And it is actually a sticker from the ’77 Cloth Stickers’ subset.

Have a look:


I’m working on completing this set, and this Cliff Lee card from the set gets me one step closer.

Lee is off to a great start to his 2013 baseball season – and as a guy that watches a lot of National League East baseball, it is nice to see him rebounding from his 2012 season.

Thanks again Q!!!

HUGE TTM SUCCESS!!!! A Wade Boggs Signed Baseball Bat For My Collection!!! Gotta See This!!!

HUGE TTM SUCCESS!!!!  A Wade Boggs Signed Baseball Bat For My Collection!!!  Gotta See This!!!

For the better part of a year, I have been seeing successful, and beautiful, autographs being signed by Hall of Famer Wade Boggs through the mail.

I even got in on the action – sending and receiving some signed cards from Mr. Boggs in 2012.

As a kid living in South Florida during my childhood, I had no ‘home team’ to cheer for – so I got to pick any team and player to call ‘mine’.

I chose Andre Dawson, Dale Murphy, and Wade Boggs.

So, anytime I can bring a baseball card or piece of memorabilia or autograph into my collection from one of these players, I will usually try to do my best to make it happen.

And lately, I have been seeing people sending and receiving a lot of premium items from Mr. Boggs.  From helmets to specialty baseballs to oversized photos – and they all look G-R-E-A-T.

So, I took a gamble.  I sent him a baseball bat!!!

And wouldn’t you know it – in 13 days the bat was returned to me – and it was signed perfectly!!!!

Have a look:

Boggs Bat 1

What?  You want a closer look?  OK.  Try this:

Boggs Bat 2

Closer??  Ok, I think that I can do that:

Boggs Bat 3

Signed perfectly – and with the inscriptions that I asked for too!!!  Mr Boggs signed the bat perfectly centered on the barrel of the bat with ‘HOF 05’ and ‘5x Batting Champ’ inscriptions!!!

Thank you so much, Mr. Boggs!!!!  This bat is a fantastic addition to my collection and I cannot think of a more fitting item to have in my collection that reminds me of the great, elite player that you were!!!