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Hank Aaron 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen – So Nice!!!!

Hank Aaron 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen – So Nice!!!

As soon as cards from the 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen set started appearing on Ebay, I began a furious search to seek out the cards of the players I collect with the hopes of seeing their new card in the GQ set.

First, I checked out the obvious guys – Dawson, Jenkins, and Palmer (my guys).

From there, my searches ranged from players that retired before I was born to players who just started their major league careers in 2013.

The first guy I sought out was Hank Aaron.

And the card is sharp.

And I was lucky enough to pull the card of Mr. Aaron from one of the two blasters that I picked up when they started hitting the shelves a few weeks back!!!

Have a look:


I am so happy with this card of Hank Aaron.  The work is beautiful – and I am such a sucker for those old, historic Braves uniforms.

Thank you Gypsy Queen!!!

George Brett 1987 Donruss – Pop Quiz Time: What Is Brett Doing In This Image???

George Brett 1987 Donruss – Pop Quiz Time:  What Is Brett Doing In This Image???

Welcome back to ’30-Year Old Cardboard’!!

It is time for another Pop Quiz as we examine another baseball card and try to determine what the player is doing in the image that was used for the card.

For this round of the quiz, we have George Brett’s 1987 Donruss baseball card:


And now, time for the quiz!!!

What is George Brett doing in this photo:

  1. A post-game interview
  2. Chatting with Jamie Quirk & Steve Balboni
  3. Watching Bo Jackson take batting practice in amazement
  4. Telling personal stories about escapades on the road with Dan Quisenberry
  5. Other

You may choose your answer now.


Did You Know…

Lou Gehrig was the first player in major league history to have his jersey number retired by his team.  The event occurred on July 4, 1939 and there were roughly 62,000 fans in attendance to celebrate with Gehrig.


Happy Birthday Rogers Hornsby!!!

Happy Birthday Rogers Hornsby!!!

Today we celebrate the birthday of former major leaguer, Mr. Rogers Hornsby.

Hornsby’s major league career began in 1915 at the tender age of nineteen. A staple in the St. Louis Cardinals’ line-up for more than a decade, Hornsby had offense down to a science as he quickly became the best hitter in the sport. He From 1920 to 1925, his average never dipped below .370 while peaking at .424 – while racking up six batting titles in the process.

After his tenure in St.Louis, Hornsby moved on to New York, Boston, Chicago, and eventually back to St. Louis. And during that journey, the hits kept coming…

By the end of his 23 seasons, Hornsby had amassed 2,930 career hits. His lifetime batting average of .358 ranks as the second highest in major league history behind Ty Cobb. In total, he collected seven batting titles and two MVP awards as well.

Happy Birthday Mr. Hornsby. Your impact on the game is not forgotten!!!

My Eric Davis Player Collection Is Finally Complete!!!!

My Eric Davis Player Collection Is Finally Complete!!!!

I’m really excited about this one…

It took me just about eight months, but I feel like I have put together a solid tribute to the time that Eric Davis spent as a member and superstar for the Cincinnati Reds.

The set consists of cards from 1985-1990 and features singles issued by all of the major brands from that time.

Of the player collections that I have completed as of late, I would have to say that Davis’ cards offer some of the best photographs of the bunch.

Here is a look at the complete collection:

Davis Collection

And you know what comes next!!

Starting next Monday and going through the entire week, I will show of my Eric Davis ‘Fab Five’ cards.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!!