Tony Gwynn, aka ‘Captain Video’

Tony Gwynn, aka ‘Captain Video’

Nicknames are a funny thing. Some are clever words that work with the player’s name. Some are carried on from when the player was a child. And some are earned.

Tony Gwynn’s nickname, ‘Captain Video’, was earned. And it was not from playing video games…

Gwynn earned the right to be called ‘Captain Video’ because of the amazing amount of time and attention he put into learning about his opposition as well as his own swing. Armed with an extensive collection of videos on all of the pitchers in the National League, Gwynn spent countless hours preparing himself to do battle. By the time he got to the plate, he had seen each and every scenario on film time and time again.

No wonder this guy collected more than 3,000 hits!!!

2 responses to “Tony Gwynn, aka ‘Captain Video’

  1. Never knew that was his nickname. Gotta admire the athletes who go above and beyond to master the game.

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