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Andre Dawson 2012 Panini Cooperstown – Blue Crystal Parallel

Andre Dawson 2012 Panini Cooperstown – Blue Crystal Parallel

I keep chipping away at this set.  This is now the third card from the 2012 Panini Cooperstown set that I have picked up.

This version is the Blue Crystal parallel.  It is serial numbered as 89/499.

Have a look:


So far, I have the base and the crystal versions of the card.  This ‘Blue Crystal’ version is the best looking one of the bunch thus far.

For me, the Blue works very well with the design of the card, and since Andre is wearing a Cubs uniform in the image that was used, it also works well with the Cubs’ colors.  The Blue also makes the Red pieces of the card’s graphic design stands out.

And now that I have three cards from this set, I need just one more to knock out the full 4-card set.

Time to get ‘Red’!!!!

Willie Stargell 2012 Topps Archives ’77 Cloth Stickers

Willie Stargell 2012 Topps Archives ’77 Cloth Stickers

This one is a great one, featuring one of the most celebrated players from the 1970’s – Willie Stargell!!!


Stargell was the heart and soul of the Pittsburgh Pirates team.  His ability to lead the squad with his ability to drive in runs and collect timely hits made him a favorite among his teammates and fans.

This ’77 Cloth Sticker card from the 2012 Topps Archives set captures Stargell very well.  And I love his signature – nice and clean!!


Alan Trammell 1990 Donruss ‘Baseball’s Best’

Alan Trammell 1990 Donruss ‘Baseball’s Best’

The 1990 Donruss base set did not offer as nice of an image as this 1990 Donruss ‘Baseball’s Best’ card of Alan Trammell.

And for player collectors like me, these extra cards were so much fun to go after because they allowed for more rapid collection growth as well as opportunities to add better looking cards into the collection.


It didn’t always work out that way, but in some cases, the non-base card was a better looking choice than the base card.

The bright Blue border may be a bit on the loud side, but it does complement the Navy Blue of Trammell’s Tigers uniform very nicely.

Did You Know…

Al Benton was the only pitcher in major league baseball history to face both Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle in regular season games.  He faced Ruth in 1934 and then Mantle 18 years later in 1952.

al benton

Hall Of Fame Debate: Cast Your Vote For Steve Garvey!!!

Hall Of Fame Debate: Cast Your Vote For Steve Garvey!!!

The number of rookie baseball players that debuted in the early part of the 1970’s that are worthy of Hall of Fame consideration is a very small group.  Names like George Foster, Cecil Cooper, Don Baylor and Thurman Munson come to mind.

And you have to throw Steve Garvey into the mix as well.

Garvey made his debut with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1969 and while it took him a few seasons to earn a starting job, when he did he made the best of it!!

Garvey played in the major leagues for 19 seasons.  He is more than likely most well-known for playing in 1,207 consecutive games from 1975-1983.

But, Steve Garvey was a lot more than just an injury-free player.  He was a rock-solid team leader as well!!

Garvey’s career numbers display exactly how well-rounded his offensive output was.

In summary – 2,599 hits, 440 doubles, 272 home runs, .294 batting average, 1,143 runs scored, 1,308 RBI, and 3,941 total bases.  Couple that with a very strong career fielding average of .996 with his four Gold Gloves and you have an anchor on both offense and defense.

Steve Garvey was a 10-time All-Star player.  He amassed six 200-hit seasons during his career, including two seasons in which he led the National League. 

Steve Garvey won the National League MVP Award in 1974.  His numbers from that season are superb – .312 batting average, 200 hits, 32 doubles, 21 home runs, 111 RBI, 95 runs scored and just 66 strikeouts in 685 plate appearances. 

Steve Garvey photo

Garvey made it to five postseasons during his career, playing in five World Series match-ups.  He won 1 of the five championships; in 1981 as a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Garvey’s individual success during the playoffs is exceptional.  In 55 postseason games, Garvey collected 75 hits en route to a .338 batting average.  He drove in 31 runs in those 55 contests while also scoring 32 times.  His efforts in the postseason earned him NLCS MVP Awards in both 1978 and 1984.

But are these credentials Hall of Fame worthy?  Do Steve Garvey’s career numbers stack up well against other Hall of Fame first basemen?  Can he compete in a numbers game against other players that starred during his era??

For me, the answer is ‘YES’.  I firmly believe that Steve Garvey is worthy of enshrinement at Cooperstown.  His consistency at the plate and his ability to deliver in the postseason is well above average – and maybe just a tad below elite.  And when compared to the players that debuted in the majors around the same time as Garvey, his numbers hold up, if not stand out, against them.  Before Keith Hernandez took playing defense at first base to a new level, Steve Garvey was the standard for excellence during the mid-1970’s.

Steve Garvey is just one of five former Padres players to have his jersey number retired by the team.


So, you have my vote.

What do you have to say – Cast Your Vote For Steve Garvey’s Hall Of Fame Worthiness Now!!!