Happy Birthday Dennis Martinez!!!

Happy Birthday Dennis Martinez!!!

‘El Presidente’ turns 58 years old today.

A 22-season veteran, and solid pitcher throughout his playing days, Dennis Martinez was one of the most consistent performers during the late 1980s and into the 1990s.

With 562 career starts under his belt, Martinez amassed a record of 245-193 alongside 122 complete games and 30 shutouts. His lifetime ERA of 3.70 is solid as he faced some of the greatest sluggers in baseball history over the course of his playing days.

Martinez is a 4-time All-star, and has 2 Top 5 finishes for the CyYoung award. He never collected 20 wins in a single season, but he did capture at least 10 or more wins in fifteen big league seasons.

Suiting up for five different teams during his career, Martinez appeared in two World Series match-ups – losing both.

Happy Birthday ‘El Presidente’!!!

2 responses to “Happy Birthday Dennis Martinez!!!

  1. One of the most underrated pitcher from the past 30 years. Always enjoyed watching him pitch.

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