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Carlton Fisk 1989 Fleer

Carlton Fisk 1989 Fleer

The 1989 Fleer baseball card design works very well with the old Chicago White Sox uniform from the late 1980’s.

The Grey is a perfect complement to the Red, White, and Blue from back then.

And you have got to love Fisk’s vintage ‘C’ cap – I know I do!!!

Check it out:


1998 HEADLINE: Blockbuster Trade Sends Mike Piazza To The Florida Marlins!!!

1998 HEADLINE: Blockbuster Trade Sends Mike Piazza To The Florida Marlins!!!

In 1998, the term ‘fire-sale’ and the Florida Marlins were linked like peanut butter and jelly. Coming off of a World Series championship the prior season, the Marlins management team was dumping all of the players and salaries that took them to the pinnacle just a few months prior.

And on this day in 1998, the Marlins made a deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Mike Piazza was traded by the Dodgers with Todd Ziele for Manuel Barrios, Bobby Bonilla, Jim Eisenriech, Charles Johnson, and Gary Sheffield.

Piazza’s stay in Miami was short-lived as he was dealt just 8 days later to the New York Mets.

Piazza’s time as a Marlins’ player included 5 games in which he tallied 5 hits and 5 RBI in 18 at-bats.

Happy Birthday Josh Beckett!!

Happy Birthday Josh Beckett!!

Josh Beckett turns 33 years old today!!!

I cannot believe that Josh Beckett is turning 33. It seems like just a few days ago I was watching this baby-faced fire-baller suit up for my Marlins team. Man those were the good old days, huh??

Today Beckett is pitching for the Los Angeles Dodgers in a quest to get the Dodgers back into World Series contention. He has dedicated himself to the art of pitching and the hard work he has put in has paid off immensely. A 2-time World Series Champion by the age of 27, Beckett still has several quality years ahead of him. And that should include many more opportunities to hoist more World Series Trophies as well!!

Happy Birthday Josh!!! A baseball superstar today, and always a Florida Marlin in my mind!!!

Happy Birthday John Smoltz!!!

Happy Birthday John Smoltz!!!

John Smoltz turns 46 years old today!!!

One of the most versatile and team-oriented players to play the game in the last 20 years, John Smoltz is a rare breed. A player that is willing to accept any role that the team wants him to perform in, Smoltz personified what the ‘Team-First’ mentality is all about.

Smoltz has 213 career wins alongside 154 saves. Had he not spent 4 seasons in the bullpen during his days with the Atlanta Braves, Smoltz could have been in line to win 300 career games. Instead, he did what was asked of him and saved an incredible 154 games in 4 years for the ‘Bravos’.

Happy Birthday Smoltzy!!!

Happy Birthday George Brett!!!

Happy Birthday George Brett!!!

George Brett turns 59 years old today!!!

One of the greatest baseball players during the mid-1970’s through the 1980’s and a first-ballot entrant in the Baseball Hall of Fame, George Brett is a baseball superstar. With a career resume that can be envied by all of his peers, Brett offered a complete offensive package for the Kansas City Royals.

Boasting 3,154 hits, 317 home runs, 1,595 RBI, 1,583 runs scored, and a batting average of .305, Brett dazzled baseball fans for 21 years. Amazingly, he also has 205 career stolen bases, and for a third baseman playing in the 70’s and 80’s, that is a rare feat. In his 21 seasons, Brett was a 13-time All-Star, a league MVP, a Gold Glove winner, and a 3-time Silver Slugger winner.

Happy Birthday Mr. Brett!!!

‘Million Dollar Question’ – Better Card To Invest In: 1968 Topps Johnny Bench OR Nolan Ryan??

‘Million Dollar Question’ – Better Card To Invest In: 1968 Topps Johnny Bench OR Nolan Ryan??

I am not really one for making large investments in baseball cards.  I have tagged myself as a ‘budget collector’ but I am not naïve enough to say that I would not mind owning a few more ‘valuable’ baseball cards that have the potential to remain valuable in the future regardless of what direction the present hobby takes.

Amazingly, there are a lot of rookie cards of the players that I admired as a kid that can be had relatively inexpensively.  Rookie cards of guys like Wade Boggs, Andre Dawson, Tony Gwynn, Dale Murphy, Eddie Murray, and more can be regularly had for well under twenty dollars if shopped right.

And then there are the guys that are highly coveted but well out of my price range – Reggie Jackson, Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton, and Rod Carew.

If I had a big stack of disposable cash, I would surely invest in some of these great rookie cards.  They are cards that I have drooled over for more than 25 years and the intrinsic value that they would offer me and my collection would outweigh the hefty price tag.

That leads me to tonight’s Million Dollar Question – Which Card Would Be The Better Card To Invest In: 1968 Topps Johnny Bench OR Nolan Ryan??

Let’s take the dollar impact out of the equation.

Let’s say that you had a gift certificate that was redeemable for either (1) a 1968 Topps Johnny Bench rookie card or (2) a 1968 Topps Nolan Ryan rookie card.

Which one would you choose?

1968 Bench.Ryan

For me, I don’t think you can go wrong with choosing either of them.  But, since this is a question with two choices, I feel that having to make a choice in either direction is mandatory.

Two Hall of Famers – One great question!!!!

On one hand, with Bench you have arguably the greatest catcher of all-time, a 2-time MVP, a 2-time World Series champion, and a member of the All-Century Team.  With Ryan you have a 300-game winner, the all-time leader in career strikeouts, the major league leader in no-hitters thrown, and a World Series champion.

But whose card would you rather have??

For me, the choice is a lot easier than what I expected it would be.  And you may be a little surprised with my choice…

For as much as I truly value and acknowledge the greatness of Johnny Bench, I would easily choose the Nolan Ryan rookie card.

For me, he is the more historic player, and if you know me and my passion for Cincinnati’s “Big Red Machine”, this is tough to admit.  Ryan’s career spanned two generations and for as much as Johnny dominated the sport on both offense and defense, Nolan Ryan offered more noteworthy individual highlights with his 7 no-hitters, 300+ wins, and 5,000+ strikeouts.

If I was to invest in a card of this magnitude, it would have to be in one that tells a bigger, more grand story.  I can see in 10-15 years guys my age sharing stories of watching a specific Nolan Ryan moment or moments, whereas with Bench, I think that might not be the case.

I would choose the 1968 Topps Nolan Ryan card!!

Nolan Ryan 1968