Keith Hernandez 1987 Topps

Keith Hernandez 1987 Topps

Coming off of the 1986 baseball season and a World Series championship with the Mets, Keith Hernandez had a lot to smile about at the start of the 1987 baseball season.

Sadly, the happiness did not last long as the Mets would not live up to their championship winning ways and in-fighting on the squad began.

As a kid growing up in the 1980’s, the media coverage of daily non-field events was rare and nothing close to how things are covered in today’s social-media-first world.  But I do recall reading and hearing about a fight between Hernandez and Strawberry.  There were no pictures, there was no sound, and the story passed rather quickly.  If that happened today, we would have pictures, we would have sound, and we would discuss it for a week.


4 responses to “Keith Hernandez 1987 Topps

  1. Stealing Home

    I remember the story when Don Sutton duked it out with Steve Garvey in the Dodgers locker room. Apparently Sutton said something about Cindy Garvey. Heck, every red-blooded man and boy in L.A. said things about Mrs. Garv back then.
    I wonder how all that would have played out today.

    • Stealing Home- Infighting in dugouts and clubhouses has been going on for a very long time. But in today’s media, it is covered exhaustively.

      And yes, I believe that Mrs. Garvey was worth fighting over!

  2. I used to have that card, in fact I think the whole series. That Mets team was awesome! Gary Carter was my favourite!

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