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Jim Palmer 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen – Blue Paper Frame

Jim Palmer 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen – Blue Paper Frame

I keep chipping away at the 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen cards for my player collections.

Of the three guys that I am going after (Dawson, Jenkins, and Palmer), it is Jim Palmer who got the extra Blue and White Paper framed cards this year.

I pulled the White version in a rack pack when the set was released.

And now, I have finally added the Blue Paper version to my collection.

It is serial numbered as 11/499 and it is NICE!!!

Check it out:


I really had hoped that both Dawson and Jenkins got the ‘Paper Frame Treatment’ this year, but 1-for-3 is not bad.

As a matter of fact, 1-for-3 gets you a $150 million dollar contract – LOL!!!!

Cal Ripken 2013 Topps ‘Chasing History’

Cal Ripken 2013 Topps ‘Chasing History’

I’ll have to double-check, but I believe that this is the last card from the 2013 Topps Series 1 ‘Chasing History’ set that I have to show off. 

Ultimately, I was not that impressed with this year’s crop of subsets from the Topps flagship set.  But of them, I think I like ‘Chasing History’ the best.  The theme is solid, it is just that so many of the feats have been accomplished for decades so the word ‘Chasing’ doesn’t feel like a great fit.

The design is great though.  The cards feature sweet, action photography.  And the colors and logos look great.

Here is the card of Hall of Famer and Baltimore Orioles legend Cal Ripken, Jr.


George Brett 1990 Donruss

George Brett 1990 Donruss

Donruss used a great picture of George Brett for their 1990 issue.

This shot has captured Brett’s beautiful left-handed swing right as he is ready to uncoil and whip his bat through the strike zone.

Brett always had a tight and compact batting stance and he connected for 317 career home runs reaching double-digit homers in 15 of his 21 major league seasons.


Did You Know…

Greg Maddux and Cy Young are the only pitchers in major league history to win 15 or more times in 18 big league seasons – the most in the history of the sport.

Maddux photo

Hall Of Fame Debate: Rank ‘Em – Mike Schmidt, Brooks Robinson, Chipper Jones, and George Brett!!!

Hall Of Fame Debate: Rank ‘Em – Mike Schmidt, Brooks Robinson, Chipper Jones, and George Brett!!!

By now, you probably know how this works.  The discussion of best third baseman in the history of the sport is one of the more debated position-related debates between baseball fans.

The reason, I believe, that this discussion has so many varied opinions is that each of these players left huge impacts on the sport – and at one time or another, each of them held the title of ‘Best Third Baseman In Baseball’ for a lengthy time.

So, I will offer up some numbers.  And then offer up my rankings as well.

HOF Debate 3B

First, let’s look at the numbers:

  Robinson Schmidt Brett Jones
Total Games 2896 2404 2707 2499
Games at 3B 2870 2212 1692 1992
Batting Average 0.267 0.267 0.305 0.303
On-Base % 0.322 0.380 0.369 0.401
Hits 2848 2234 3154 2726
200-Hit Seasons 0 0 2 0
Batting Titles 0 0 3 1
Home Runs 268 548 317 468
30-HR Seasons 0 13 1 5
HR Titles 0 8 0 0
RBI 1357 1595 1596 1623
100-RBI Seasons 2 9 4 9
30/100 Seasons 0 9 1 5
Stolen Bases 28 174 201 150
All-Star 15 12 13 8
Silver Slugger 6 3 2
Gold Glove 16 10 1 0
3B Fielding % 0.971 0.955 0.951 0.954
ROY 0 0 0 0
MVP 1 3 1 1
Postseason 6 6 7 12
WS Titles 2 1 1 1

There is no doubt about it – Each of these players was fantastic, and each of them stands out in a way that the others do not.

So, how do you judge?  When you’re talking apples-to-apples it is easier, but it is still not an easy process.

Because the discussion is about players that were primarily known as third baseman, I think you have to include defensive accomplishments into the conversation.  But, how much should that count?

Time for my decision….


For me, I really tried to take a look at the full career of each player.  Like I mentioned earlier in the post, each of these four elite players stands out in one or more aspects of the game – and these parts of the game are all deemed as important – from Brooks’ defense to Schmidt’s home run prowess to Brett’s batting skills to Chipper’s on-base percentage.

I will say that it is nice to see that each one of these great ballplayers had the chance to hoist a World Series trophy at one time (2 for Brooks) during their careers.

Who do you pick??

How do you pick??

Well, I tried.  And I had to re-do my rankings a few times.  But I think that I have settled in on this as my final list.

So, here is my list, in order:

1 – Mike Schmidt
2 – Brooks Robinson
3 – Chipper Jones
4 – George Brett

This was very tough – but ultimately for me, the defense that Robinson and Schmidt were noted for separated them from the pack.  After that, it was the consistent home runs and run production of Schmidt’s that propelled him to the top spot.  Choosing between Chipper Jones and George Brett for the 3rd and 4th spots was a lot tougher.  While Chipper had a more well-rounded offensive attack, it was Brett that amassed an amazing number of hits and batting championships.  Ultimately, I chose Jones simply due to the number of games he played at third base versus Brett.  If Brett had played 80% of his games at the ‘Hot Corner’ it would have made my decision a lot tougher to make.

And now, I am exhausted.  And if you ask me this same question in a week, I may have different answers to this question.

But I want your rankings on this too.  So, study the numbers and let me know how you’d rank these four legendary third baseman.

Have a great night!!!