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Jim Rice 1980 Topps

Jim Rice 1980 Topps

Jim Rice’s card from the 1980 Topps set is a nice one.

And as you can se, it looks like Mr. Rice is prepped to unleash a fierce swing.

Check it out:


By most measures, Jim Rice has a nice season in 1980.  But by the standards he had set in prior seasons, it was a down year for him in 1980.  Still, the numbers are far from poor – .294 batting average, 148 hits, 81 runs scored, 86 RBI, 18 doubles, 17 home runs, and 254 total bases in 124 games played.

1977 HEADLINE: Andre Dawson Connects For First Major League Home Run

1977 HEADLINE: Andre Dawson Connects For First Major League Home Run

On this day in 1977, Andre Dawson of the Montreal Expos connected for the first home run of his major league career.

On the road and facing the Atlanta Braves in front of a crowd of less than 10,000 fans, Dawson and the Expos played in a high scoring affair ultimately won by the Braves by a score of 10-8.

In the top of the 8th inning, and trailing 9-5, Andre Dawson hit the first home run of his career off of Braves’ pitcher Buzz Capra to get the Expos a bit closer.

This home run would be the first of 19 that Dawson would hit in 1977 and the first of 438 that he would hit in his career.

Happy Anniversary ‘Hawk’!!!!

dawson expos photo

Happy Birthday Reginald Martinez Jackson!!!

Happy Birthday Reginald Martinez Jackson!!!

You may know him as Reggie or as Mr. October or as 1 of the greatest World Series heroes in baseball history. However you know him, Reginald Martinez Jackson turns 67 years old today!!

I unquestionably consider Reggie Jackson as being one of the most dynamic players to ever play the game of professional baseball. On the very short list, I think that Reggie during his prime was one player that was worth the price of admission alone. His persona and ability were head and shoulders above most of his teammates and competitors and when Reggie got the chance to shine, he took full advantage… The result is one of the most impressive careers in baseball for a player playing in a major market city.

Quite simply, Reggie Jackson lived up to the hype he built for himself and not too many players can do that. For his birthday, I would like to give Reggie a hidden microphone and let him coach a high-profile game. Maybe the All-star game. Maybe the ‘Home Run Derby’. Something good but not too serious. Let Reggie have fun, and I am sure that hilarity would ensue…

Happy Birthday ‘Mr. October’!!!

Happy Birthday Brooks Robinson!!!

Happy Birthday Brooks Robinson!!!

The man considered to be the greatest defensive third baseman in baseball history turns 76 years old today!!

The resume of Brooks Robinson is more incredible each and every time I take a peek at it. I’ve always known him to be a great defensive ball player, but his offensive and team success during his 23-year career cannot be denied. While Mike Schmidt may be the more explosive, and Chipper Jones may be the better pure hitter of the bunch, Brooks can certainly hold his own in the conversation ranking the best third basemen in baseball history.

Robinson is known for his glove first, and with 16 consecutive years of Gold Glove level performance it is clear to see why. On offense he has collected 2,848 hits, 268 home runs, 1,357 RBI, 1,232 runs scored, and a lifetime average of .267. And the Orioles teams he played for did well too. He is a member of the 1966 and 1970 World Series championship teams.

Happy Birthday Mr. Robinson!!!

1/4 THROUGH – Milestones To Look Forward To During The 2013 Major League Baseball Season

1/4 THROUGH – Milestones To Look Forward To During The 2013 Major League Baseball Season


Well friends, we are amazingly 1/4 through with the 2013 baseball regula season, so I thought we should go back to the list of milestones I was going to track this season and see how these players are progressing.

For this 1/4 update all notes wil be added to the original post in GREEN.


I had a great time doing this prior to the starts of the 2011 and 2012 baseball seasons, so I thought I would give it another go as we prepare for the start of this upcoming campaign.

So, without further ado, I bring to you some of the milestones I will be looking for in 2013…

Ichiro’s push towards 2,800 career hits in the major leagues. He starts the season with 2,606.

37 games in and Ichiro has 32 hits – Not great, but not horrible either. As other Yankees return to the line-up, he should be helped.


Todd Helton marches towards 2,500 career hits. He starts the 2013 campaign with 2,420 hits.

Helton only has 18 hits in 23 games. 2,500 is still a strong possibility but it may not happen as soon as it should have….


David Ortiz looks to capture the 2,000th hit of his major league career. He will start the season with 1,863 career hits.

Ortiz has 28 hits in 22 games and has been hot since returning to the Boston line-up.  He needs 109 to reach 2,000.


Albert Pujols looks to join the ‘500 HR Club’. He will start his 13th major league season with 475 homers on his resume.

Pujols has only clubbed 7 home runs this year.  He needs 18 more to reach 500!


Ryan Howard looks to drive in the 1,000th run of his big league career. He will start the season with 920 RBI.

Hoawrd has only driven in 22 runs in 38 games.  He is going to have to step it up to get to 1,000 by the end of the season.


Ryan Braun looks to add another 30/100 season to his resume. He has done it for the last 5 seasons. Can he make it six in a row?

Braun has 8 home runs and 26 RBI in 35 games.  If he can remain healthy, he is on pace to hit the 30/1000 milestone again.


CC Sabathia looks to lock up career victory number 200. He will start the season with 191 career wins.

CC has 4 wins so far and is well on his way to 200 career victories.  I’d like to see him do it before the All-Star break if possible.


Matt Cain is out to capture career victory #100 – he is currently sitting at 85.

Cain has 3 wins in 9 starts this season and is not off to the same pace he had in 2012 when he won 16 games.  He’ll have to step it up if he wants to reach #100 this season.


Justin Verlander is approaching 1,500 career strikeouts. He needs just 46 to hit the mark.

DONE!!!  This guy is a beast and he is well on his way to 1,600 and beyond.


Tim Lincecum is nearing 1,500 career strikeouts. I’m still unsure of what his role may be this season, Lincecum needs 183 K’s to reach the mark.

Lincecum is faring well so far in 2013.  He has 52 strikeouts in 48 innings of work.  If he can stay on this pace, he will do it!!


So there you have it – These are some of the baseball milestones that I will be tracking as the 2013 season gets under way. Just like in previous seasons, I will offer up recaps of these possible baseball milestones as the season progresses – please stay tuned for that.

What are you going to be watching for this year??

Thanks for reading!!!

2011 Topps Chrome Florida Marlins Team Set

2011 Topps Chrome Florida Marlins Team Set

I always enjoy hauling in team sets of the Marlins in which I have never seen them before. 

And the 2011 Topps Chrome set fits that bill.

Sure, I have seen and own the base Topps team set from the same year, but this new Chrome version is new to me and my collection.

Have a look:


The main differences between the Chrome set and the base set is the cardstock used for the cards and the ultra-high glossy finish.  The Chrome set is nice, and I like the fact that it complements the base set so well.

My lone issue with the set is that the Mike (Giancarlo) Stanton card on the Chrome set does not feature the Topps All-Star Rookie logo like the card from the base set does.

Other than that, a GREAT looking set!!!