‘Million Dollar Question’ – If You Could Add One Element To The 2013 Topps Archives Release, What Would It Be??

‘Million Dollar Question’ – If You Could Add One Element To The 2013 Topps Archives Release, What Would It Be??

One of Topps’ most popular brands, Archives, is set to be released next week on Wednesday, the 29th.

From what I can recall when the set came back in 2012 after a short vacation from the hobby, the set was highly regarded due to its use of former, popular card designs and it’s on-card autographs.

For me, Archives was one of my ‘Top Two’ sets of last year, with Gypsy Queen being the other.

It is just a matter of time before the cards start appearing on Ebay, and I personally cannot wait to start going after the ones that interest me the most.

And while I have yet to see a finalized checklist at this point, the previews look great!!  I am excited enough about the cards that make up the set to know that I may have to scoop up a few retail blasters to help quench my desire to rip through a box or two.

2013 archives

When I think about the Archives brand and what it represents, I am immediately taken back to my youth as a collector.  And since Archives always takes chunks of ideas from other Topps releases and re-issues them with a modern twist, I thought that it would make for an interesting topic, a ‘Million Dollar Question’, if you will….

So, tonight my question is this – If You Could Add One Element To The 2013 Topps Archives Release, What Would It Be??  Of all of the great things that got you hooked on collecting baseball cards as a kid, what specific thing would you like to see brought back and become a part of the 2013 Topps Archives set?

My answer did not take long.

2013 marks the 30-year anniversary of the 1983 Topps baseball card set, a classic among collectors.  And in that 1983 set, there was a subset that remains my favorite today – ‘Super Veterans’.

And I want it back!!!!

Super Vet Rose

Please Topps, please tell me that this subset is in the 2013 Archives release and that you have done a great job of keeping this secret before the cards hit the streets.  Please!?!?

What about you?  If you could add one element to the 2013 Topps Archives baseball card set what would it be??

I can’t wait to hear your answers!!!

15 responses to “‘Million Dollar Question’ – If You Could Add One Element To The 2013 Topps Archives Release, What Would It Be??

  1. The Super Veteran subset is a great pick,but I’m picking the send in glossy all star cards. Very hard to find if you didn’t send in for the set. I have a few and I have no idea how they got into my collection. Can’t wait to rip open my wax box of Archives next week!!!!

  2. Better card stock. 🙂

  3. Better card stock, make it exactly as Topps made them in 2001. Last year’s set was the biggest disappointment of the card season.

  4. Today, collecting baseball cards other than for the pleasure of doing so is utterly pointless. That’s not a revelation to most of you — you probably stopped collecting in the mid-90’s or even earlier, when the major players diluted the market, foil-covered lenticular cards popping up on everything from breakfast sausage to Mootown Snackers. As the value of cards plummeted, you wisely turned your attention to other endeavors like chasing crushes, playing video games, and acquiring an education, living your life unfettered by the wax-packs and teeth-clinging chewing gum that once bound you.

  5. I know it would be a hassle, but to truly capture the feeling that came from opening packs in days of yore, they should package the cards in wax.

    • Fisk Fanatic- That would have been my second pick. Being back the original wax, cello, and rack pack packaging that truly takes us back generations.

      Rollback pricing would be great too, but that is not going to happen…

      Nice pick Jared!!

  6. Great question, B!

    Archives was a surprise I enjoyed last year. I have ended up trying to complete the base set and am getting closer and closer (shameless plug: you can check out my NEEDS list on my blog – I have plenty for trade, too!). The designs they chose were great and, more than I thought I would, I enjoyed seeing players from various decades appear on the various card designs.

    I would say, if I could add one (or two ) things…..I like the idea of wax wrappers and throw in a piece of gum. Put a dummy card in on the top and put the gum against that – to protect – but I think that would be really cool. Can you imagine ripping open cards and chomping on some bubble gum? Pretty sweet, huh?

    Also, the card stock, too.

    Good calls by all!

    • Ryan- Nicely done. The gum would be great!!

      I’ll check your 2012 list, but I don have too much to offer at this time. If you’re going to go after the 2013 set, I’m sure that ill be able to help!

  7. Couldn’t agree more about the Super Vets! As I talked about when discussing ’83 Topps on my blog, it’s a big reason this was one of the best sets Topps has produced.

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