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Mike Schmidt 2012 Topps ‘A Cut Above’ Die-Cut – SWEET!!!

Mike Schmidt 2012 Topps ‘A Cut Above’ Die-Cut – SWEET!!!

The image quality of this card is exceptional.

The style of the card is superb.

And the vintage image captured of Mike Schmidt is excellent.


This card comes from the 2012 Topps ‘A Cut Above’ subset.  The card features a Die-Cut border which adds to the element of unique but for me, it is the image that remains as the best part of the card.


Frank Robinson 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen – FAIL!!!!

Frank Robinson 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen – FAIL!!!!

If you know me, than you know that I like to collect and honor Frank Robinson’s career as much as I can.

I consider Mr. Robinson as an A-Level Hall of Famer and I have never thought that he gets the credit he deserves for what he brought to the sport of major league baseball.

So, when new card of Robinson are released, I go after them. 

And if said new card is from the Gypsy Queen brand, I put a little more gusto into it.

More often than not, I am very happy with the cards and additions to my collection of Robinson.

However, this time I am not.  I am simply bored of this image – I collected it just two years ago in Topps’ 2011 Gypsy Queen set.


Shame on Topps for recycling the same image so quickly…


Steve Carlton 2009 Topps ‘Legends Of The Game’

Steve Carlton 2009 Topps ‘Legends Of The Game’

With the exception of the card’s border and text, this one actually reminds me a bit of Gypsy Queen.  The shot is reminiscent of a vintage card and GQ features a lot of players posing in front of empty stands.

Have a look:


I have a few cards from this set already in my collection.  And while some offer better images than this one of Steve Carlton I will say that this is the brightest card most vivid card I have encountered from the set thus far. 

I can actually feel the sun shining on ‘Lefty’.

Jim Rice 1982 Fleer – Where Was This Picture Taken???

Jim Rice 1982 Fleer

I know many of the readers of this blog.  And among that group, there is a handful of them that can identify the ballpark in the background of almost every card they encounter.

Well guys and girls, I challenge you with this one – Jim Rice’s card from the 1982 Fleer baseball card set.

Where was this picture taken??


Personally, I have no clue.  To me, it looks like he is in the backyard of a pal’s house.

But, it is very likely that a reader of ’30-YOC’ has the answer.  Let’s see who gets it right first…


Jim Palmer 2012 Topps Golden Moments Die-Cut Chrome Redemption Card

Jim Palmer 2012 Topps Golden Moments Die-Cut Chrome Redemption Card

I really lucked out with this one!!

During the 2012 collecting year, I was able to nab a pretty decent stack of Golden Moments redemption cards from all of the retail blasters that I ripped through.

I put together a pretty nice collection of Golf HOF coins, and was able to work a few trades to add players to ‘My Collection’ that I was not awarded with my own redemptions.

I also scored the ability to purchase a limited edition card from the Die-Cut Golden Moments set.  And when Jim Palmer was the player that was made available to me, I took the bait and went after it.

The card is nice, and much thicker than what I expected once it was delivered to me.  I really like the image that Topps used of Palmer on the card and the Chrome finish sets it off nicely!!!