Johnny Bench 2011 Topps ‘Prime 9’ Chrome

Johnny Bench 2011 Topps ‘Prime 9’ Chrome

Wow, talk about a sweet looking baseball card!!!

This is the second card from the ‘Prime 9’ set that I have picked up, with the first being the card of Hank Aaron.

And so far, this subset does not disappoint. The cards feature a high-gloss, Chrome finish and are printed on an ungraded cardstock.  The image of Bench that was used is from his younger days and displays a vintage Reds uniform. 


When released, these cards could only be obtained in the hobby environment through a redemption process.  The 9-card set was put together through redemption cards that were randomly inserted into hobby boxes of 2011 Topps.  If you pulled a redemption card from this set, you had a 1-week period to exchange it for the actual ‘Prime 9’ card.

Today, you can find these all over the secondary market – from card shops, to the web, and even at card shows if you hunt hard enough.

I’d like to see the whole set put together at one time – these are SWEET!!!

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