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Jim Palmer 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen – Black mini

Jim Palmer 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen – Black mini

We are now more than a month removed from the release of the 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen baseball card set.

And for me, the best thing about the set is that it featured the three guys that I am building ‘Super Collections’ of – Andre Dawson, Fergie Jenkins, and Jim Palmer.

And while I am still seeking card of each player to complete the master sets of them from this release, I am very happy with the progress that I have been making.

My most recent score is a Jim Palmer card.  It is the Black mini version and is serial numbered as 55/199.

Have a look:


Just two Palmer cards and I am done.  Time to intensify the search!!!

Reggie Jackson 2008 Upper Deck Heroes – 1977, Named World Series MVP

Reggie Jackson 2008 Upper Deck Heroes – 1977, Named World Series MVP

Any time that I can add a card of Reggie Jackson to my collection, I will go for it.  And it said card happens to celebrate Reggie’s grand performance in the 1977 World Series, I will put in a little extra effort to bring the card home.

So, that is what I did with this card from the 2008 Upper Deck Heroes Of Baseball set.

Well, actually, it was not hard work at all.  I simply added it to my order from www.sportlots.com.

Check it out:


I’m digging it – especially the 3-D effect that the card has with Reggie coming out of the circle in the center of the card.

A very nice addition to my Reggie Jackson collection!!

Carlton Fisk 1984 Topps

Carlton Fisk 1984 Topps

I’m happy to see so many cards of Carlton Fisk featuring him in a defensive position.  I think that ‘Pudge’ looks great with all of his gear on.

Want Proof?

Look no further than the newest card of Fisk in my collection – his 1984 Topps card:


And I love the small inset photo in the lower-left corner as well.  I cannot recall seeing another shot of a guy wearing his helmet in one of these pics – they are usually wearing the hat that they wear in the field.  I am going to have to do a little homework on this…

Happy Birthday Manny Ramirez!!!

Happy Birthday Manny Ramirez!!!

Manny Ramirez turns 40 years old today.

One of the most exciting players to have suited up over the last twenty years.  Ramirez blended the perfect amount of contact hitting, power hitting, and clutch hitting into his repertoire that made him a lot of fun to watch.

Unfortunately, suspension for the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs tarnished his image almost overnight and Manny went from being heralded as one of the game’s greatest offensive talents to a joke rather quickly.  A second suspension for the same infraction almost surely ended his route to the Hall of Fame and immediately changed the way he was viewed by the sport and its fans.

A 1-time shoe-in for the 3,000 hits club, the 600 home runs club, and the Hall of Fame, Ramirez is not battling for his image; an image that has been destroyed by failing two drug tests for steroids.

We wish you well Manny.  Thank you for the fun times while they lasted – it was a blast.

Happy Birthday!!

Calling It Quits Of My Pursuit Of The 2013 Topps Heritage ‘Giancarlo Stanton Rainbow’

Calling It Quits Of My Pursuit Of The 2013 Topps Heritage ‘Giancarlo Stanton Rainbow’

Collecting a baseball card rainbow has always been an accomplishment that appealed to me.  I like the idea of ‘having one of every’ but I never really knew just how hard it would be to accomplish until I tried.

The first attempt I made was an Ernie Banks rainbow from the 20080 Upper Deck Heroes of Baseball set.  I have a bunch of them, almost all actually, but I have yet to ever see the Purple card that is numbered to 25 surface.  It is the final piece of the puzzle that I need for the set to be complete and I put in work every day to be sure that if one becomes available I am aware of it.  I am into year three of this journey.

I have completed a handful of 3-card and 4-card sets recently, but I don’t consider them ‘rainbows’ – they lack size, color, and the challenge.

And in my Andre Dawson collection of cards, I have several 3-card and 4-card sets in the works and completed, but many of them include very low-serial numbered cards that are either way out of my price range or extremely hard to find.

So, I opted to try something a bit different for me.

I went for a more modern release.  And I went after a player that I thought would be fun to collect – the Marlins’ Giancarlo Stanton.

And it has been tough – every step of the way.  So tough in fact, that it is no longer fun.  And when the fun is sucked out of something, it is time to make a decision.  And my decision was fairly easy – RETREAT!!!

So, my 2013 Topps Heritage Giancarlo Stanton Rainbow will rest at 7 cards for the time being.  I am going to stop seeking the missing cards from the set.  I am moving on.

But first, let me at least show you the progress that I have made up to this point.

Short Print


Short Print – Action Image Variation


Red Frame


Black Frame (Thank you, Night Owl)


Purple Frame – Refractor


Chrome – Numbered to 999


Chrome Refractor – Numbered to 564


And there you have it.  It was fun while it lasted, but continuing the hunt for the cards that I am missing from this set just does not sound like fun for me at this point.  The ones I need carry a hefty price tag and seem to get bid on almost as soon as they are listed on Ebay.

So for now, I am calling this rainbow done.  I am missing the Venezuela card, the mini card, the box-topper card, and the color variation card and I am ok with that.

Here is a look at the whole set at one time.


And now, I am moving on.