Happy Birthday Manny Ramirez!!!

Happy Birthday Manny Ramirez!!!

Manny Ramirez turns 40 years old today.

One of the most exciting players to have suited up over the last twenty years.  Ramirez blended the perfect amount of contact hitting, power hitting, and clutch hitting into his repertoire that made him a lot of fun to watch.

Unfortunately, suspension for the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs tarnished his image almost overnight and Manny went from being heralded as one of the game’s greatest offensive talents to a joke rather quickly.  A second suspension for the same infraction almost surely ended his route to the Hall of Fame and immediately changed the way he was viewed by the sport and its fans.

A 1-time shoe-in for the 3,000 hits club, the 600 home runs club, and the Hall of Fame, Ramirez is not battling for his image; an image that has been destroyed by failing two drug tests for steroids.

We wish you well Manny.  Thank you for the fun times while they lasted – it was a blast.

Happy Birthday!!

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