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Calling It Quits Of My Pursuit Of The 2013 Topps Heritage ‘Giancarlo Stanton Rainbow’

Calling It Quits Of My Pursuit Of The 2013 Topps Heritage ‘Giancarlo Stanton Rainbow’

Collecting a baseball card rainbow has always been an accomplishment that appealed to me.  I like the idea of ‘having one of every’ but I never really knew just how hard it would be to accomplish until I tried.

The first attempt I made was an Ernie Banks rainbow from the 20080 Upper Deck Heroes of Baseball set.  I have a bunch of them, almost all actually, but I have yet to ever see the Purple card that is numbered to 25 surface.  It is the final piece of the puzzle that I need for the set to be complete and I put in work every day to be sure that if one becomes available I am aware of it.  I am into year three of this journey.

I have completed a handful of 3-card and 4-card sets recently, but I don’t consider them ‘rainbows’ – they lack size, color, and the challenge.

And in my Andre Dawson collection of cards, I have several 3-card and 4-card sets in the works and completed, but many of them include very low-serial numbered cards that are either way out of my price range or extremely hard to find.

So, I opted to try something a bit different for me.

I went for a more modern release.  And I went after a player that I thought would be fun to collect – the Marlins’ Giancarlo Stanton.

And it has been tough – every step of the way.  So tough in fact, that it is no longer fun.  And when the fun is sucked out of something, it is time to make a decision.  And my decision was fairly easy – RETREAT!!!

So, my 2013 Topps Heritage Giancarlo Stanton Rainbow will rest at 7 cards for the time being.  I am going to stop seeking the missing cards from the set.  I am moving on.

But first, let me at least show you the progress that I have made up to this point.

Short Print


Short Print – Action Image Variation


Red Frame


Black Frame (Thank you, Night Owl)


Purple Frame – Refractor


Chrome – Numbered to 999


Chrome Refractor – Numbered to 564


And there you have it.  It was fun while it lasted, but continuing the hunt for the cards that I am missing from this set just does not sound like fun for me at this point.  The ones I need carry a hefty price tag and seem to get bid on almost as soon as they are listed on Ebay.

So for now, I am calling this rainbow done.  I am missing the Venezuela card, the mini card, the box-topper card, and the color variation card and I am ok with that.

Here is a look at the whole set at one time.


And now, I am moving on.

Vince Coleman 1990 Score – A Perfect Match!!

Vince Coleman 1990 Score

If there was ever a baseball card design that was created to match a specific team’s colors, it could very well be 1990 Score and the St. Louis Cardinals.

Have a look:


Displaying the colors of the Cardinals in a perfect manner, the Red & Yellow used by Score is a perfect complement to the Cardinals two main colors!

And I also love this picture – looks like Vince is legging out one of his 89 career triples on this one!

2010 HEADLINE: Roy Halladay Fires ‘Perfect Game’ Against The Marlins

2010 HEADLINE: Roy Halladay Fires ‘Perfect Game’ Against The Marlins

On this day in 2010, Roy Halladay threw a perfect game against the Florida Marlins.

I watched each and every pitch of this game in my living room as it was heralded as being a battle of the two most dominating pitchers in the National League – Halladay and Josh Johnson.

As the game unfolded, it was hard to not cheer for Halladay as he kept inching towards baseball history.

His performance was unreal, and while I would have preferred that the moment had not taken place against ‘my team’, it is always nice to catch baseball history in the making.

Halladay’s numbers: 9 innings pitched, 0 hits allowed, 0 runs allowed, 11 strikeouts, 0 walks allowed, and 115 pitches.

The Phillies won the game 1-0.

1989 HEADLINE: Phillies’ Slugger Mike Schmidt Retiring From Baseball

1989 HEADLINE: Phillies’ Slugger Mike Schmidt Retiring From Baseball

On this day in 1989, Mike Schmidt retired from the game of baseball.

Watching this video still gives me chills…

I remember this press conference like it was yesterday. Even as a 13-year old kid, I understood how hard it was for a player like Mike Schmidt to leave the game of baseball. One of the game’s biggest stars for close to 2 decades, Schmidt solidified himself as one of the greatest power hitters of all-time.

With a resume filled with elite milestones, Schmidt was able to leave the game as one its greatest players but that did not make the final decision any easier for him.

Cheers to you Mike Schmidt – A baseball hero and a class act!!!

Happy Birthday Eric Davis!!!

Happy Birthday Eric Davis!!!

Amazingly, Eric Davis turns 51 years old today!!!

Wow, I remember the hype around Eric Davis as he began his career with the Cincinnati Reds. He was a ‘5-Tool player’ that could do it all and he was going to rescue the Reds franchise and deliver them back to baseball glory. Davis had the speed, power, charisma, and personality to carry the franchise to the promised land!!!

After 7 remarkable seasons with the Reds that were littered with All-star appearances, Gold Glove trophies, Silver Slugger awards, and even a World Series championship, Davis was on his way to becoming one of the games biggest stars. Talk about becoming baseball’s second ’40/40 Man’ was a daily occurrence in baseball circles. As one of the game’s premier players, ‘Eric The Red’ was riding high.

Unfortunately, a terrible string of injuries and then an unfortunate battle with cancer stalled Davis’ ability to dominate the game. This 1-time hero became just a regular role player. On occasion, Davis gave us more memorable moments to add to his impressive highlight reel, but he was never able to recapture and string together seasons of success like he had in the late 1980’s when he was on top of the baseball world.

Happy Birthday Mr. Davis. You are remembered fondly!!!

‘Million Dollar Question – ‘What Card Designs Would You Like To See Featured In 2014’s Topps Archives Set’???

‘Million Dollar Question – ‘What Card Designs Would You Like To See Featured In 2014’s Topps Archives Set’???

As many collectors, myself included, eagerly await the release of the 2013 Topps Archives baseball card brand, I am very excited to tear up some wax again.  I have not opened up a single pack of cards since Topps’ 2013 Gypsy Queen came out a few months ago and I cannot wait to find Archives at a retail locations within the next day or so.

The new Archives brand, like last year’s release, will offer us 200 base cards featuring 4 prior Topps designs.  In 2012, the set re-used the designs from 1954, 1971, 1980, and 1984.  This year’s set will feature the popular 1972, 1982, 1985, and 1990 graphics.

I am especially excited to see how the cards that feature the 1985 Topps design look as this was the first set that I collected as a kid and I have a lot of fond memories of ripping through those packs back in ’85.

While I don’t want to gloss over this year’s Archives release, I have to say that I am already crossing my fingers in hopes that this brand will continue past 2013 and have another release in 2014.  And with that, we will certainly have more of our favorite designs to see once again featuring both players of the past as well as today’s stars.

And that is what tonight’s ‘Million Dollar Question’ is all about – ‘What Card Designs Would You Like To See Featured In 2014’s Topps Archives Set’???

Not counting the eight card designs that Topps used for the 2012 and 2013 sets, there are still some fantastic card designs from their past that I would love to see featured in next year’s release.

And if I had to supply you with a list of just four, they would be:

  1. 1968 Topps
  2. 1973 Topps
  3. 1981 Topps
  4. 1989 Topps

I think that a set that featured these four designs would be fantastic – just the right amount of bright color, solid graphics, and plenty of room for exceptional images!!!

So now I pose the question to you – ‘What Card Designs Would You Like To See Featured In 2014’s Topps Archives Set’???

Let’s hear it!!!

archives logo

Johnny Bench 2011 Topps ‘Prime 9’ Chrome

Johnny Bench 2011 Topps ‘Prime 9’ Chrome

Wow, talk about a sweet looking baseball card!!!

This is the second card from the ‘Prime 9’ set that I have picked up, with the first being the card of Hank Aaron.

And so far, this subset does not disappoint. The cards feature a high-gloss, Chrome finish and are printed on an ungraded cardstock.  The image of Bench that was used is from his younger days and displays a vintage Reds uniform. 


When released, these cards could only be obtained in the hobby environment through a redemption process.  The 9-card set was put together through redemption cards that were randomly inserted into hobby boxes of 2011 Topps.  If you pulled a redemption card from this set, you had a 1-week period to exchange it for the actual ‘Prime 9’ card.

Today, you can find these all over the secondary market – from card shops, to the web, and even at card shows if you hunt hard enough.

I’d like to see the whole set put together at one time – these are SWEET!!!

Sparky Anderson 1992 Topps Detroit Tigers Manager Card

Sparky Anderson 1992 Topps Detroit Tigers Manager Card

This card of Tigers’ manager Sparky Anders on is way too zoomed in for my liking.  And while I cannot imagine that Sparky was the most accommodating person when it came to taking direction from the photographers, I do think that the person that snapped this shot could have positioned themselves better…

Here is the card:


As for the 1992 baseball season, the Tigers did not fare too well with Sparky at the helm.  The team finished in last place in the division with a record of 75-87.  It was a far cry of their 2nd place finish in 1991.

1978 HEADLINE: Orioles’ Jim Palmer Earns Win #200 Of Career

1978 HEADLINE: Orioles’ Jim Palmer Earns Win #200 Of Career

On this dy in 1978, Jim Palmer took to the mound in the second game of a double-header against the Cleveland Indians. 

Palmer was seeking the 200th win of his major league career, and he did not disappoint.

He threw a complete game shutout against ‘The Tribe’ while allowing just eight hits in the game.  Palmer struck out four batters in the contest while walking just one. 

Congratulations on #200 Mr. Palmer!!!

Palmer 1978 Topps

Happy Birthday Kirk Gibson!!!

Happy Birthday Kirk Gibson!!!

Kirk Gibson turns 56 years old today.

Images of Kirk Gibson’s fist-pumping, leg-limping jog around the bases during Game 1 of the World Series is undoubtedly the first thing that baseball fans remember when Gibson’s name is mentioned. That night turned Gibson from a very good everyday player into a baseball legend!! Very few people remember that this was Gibson’s lone appearance in that ’88 title match-up. It’s amazing how with 1 swing of the bat, Gibson etched his place in baseball history and created a moment that none of us will soon forget!!!

Few recall that just 4 years prior as a member of the Detroit Tigers Gibson won his first championship. In that ’84 series, Gibson hit .333 in 6 games while collecting 6 hits, 2 home runs, 7 RBI, and 3 stolen bases. Some players just have a knack for making their presence felt during the most necessary times, and Gibson is certainly that player.

Happy Birthday Mr. Gibson!!!