Million Dollar Question – ‘What Is 1970’s Most Underrated Rookie Baseball Card’???

Million Dollar Question – ‘What Is 1970’s Most Underrated Rookie Baseball Card’???

I’ve been doing lots and lots of shopping over the last few days on various baseball card web marketplaces.  And my shopping has ranged from cards from the 1960s and 1970s to cards issued just a few weeks ago.  I’ve run the gammot from very high-priced cards to commons during these virtual shopping trips.

I tell you what – shopping for cards online can be a lot of fun!  Sure, it won’t replace the feeling of walking around a card shop or card show and having a card catch your eye and draw you in, but the web puts us all on somewhat of an even playing field as cards that were not accessible to us decades ago are now suddenly available and can usually be delivered within 3-5 days of payment being made.

During my shopping trips over the last few days, I have spent some time looking at various rookie cards of the guys I am building player collections of.  And while they range in price from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars, I am excited to see that all of them still have interest from the collecting public as a whole.

What does amaze me is that regardless of the decade in which they were issued, very few go without being sold (unless the condition is horrible).  For every rookie card that I saw that sold for less than $5.00, there was another one that sold for over $200.00 – and the patterns were pretty consistent.

For the next few weeks, I thought it would be fun to see what you thought about the most highly sought after cards of these different collecting eras. 

So, we will examine that pretty thoroughly over the next few weeks.

Tonight, we will start with the 1970’ as we discuss ‘What Is 1970’s Most Underrated Rookie Baseball Card’???

For me, when I hear the term ‘Underrated’, I think of cards that either don’t get the attention that they deserve or cards that sell for well below what their market value should be.  I typically judge this based on a player’s achievements and how those achievements stack up to their peers.

So, when it comes down to the rookie card that I find to be the most underrated from the 1970’s, the choice was very easy – it is Eddie Murray’s 1978 Topps card.

Murray Rookie

Murray is one of the most dynamic offensive players in the history of the sport.  His on the field achievements are on par with the elite players of the game, yet his rookie card can be regularly had at bargain pricing.

Personally, I picked up my Murray rookie card for under $9.00.  That was more than two years ago, but a search for recently closed auctions on this same card in an ungraded format shows that they can still be regularly had for less than ten dollars.

Eddie Murray deserves a lot better than this.  Baseball card collectors that pull in a Murray rookie card for less than $10 are getting a fantastic value in my opinion!!

Now I want your opinion.  It is now time for you to share!!!

What card would you choose?   ‘What Is 1970’s Most Underrated Rookie Baseball Card’???

20 responses to “Million Dollar Question – ‘What Is 1970’s Most Underrated Rookie Baseball Card’???

  1. Murray was the first one I thought of, but Eckersley’s ’76 rookie card isn’t a bad choice either

  2. Oh, GREAT call on the Eck!

    My first inclination was for the ’70 Munson (everybody defaults to the ’71 Rookie Cup, though that one IS epic) or the Trammell/Whitaker +2 RC in ’78 (right?).

    You can find both at great prices due to their lower popularity and I think they’re both pretty solid!

  3. Ryan good call on the Munson card, but I agree with Brian; the Murray card is very underrated. To me Murray is easily the best 1st basemen over the past 40-50 years and getting his RCs under $10 in good condition is insane!!!!

  4. I would vote Dawson because you used to see his rookie going for $75 and now you can get it for under $10 as well. Alternate I would go with Molitor because it also has Trammell on it and you can get it for $20 or so.

  5. 1971 Bert Blyleven. Perhaps the greatest curveball ever.. a dominating pitsher.. 3000 + K’s.. 300 wins… and a 20 dollar card in a tough set… Very under rated!

  6. Ron Churchwell

    As I have mentioned in earlier posts, it is the 1971 Ted Simmons RC. HOF or bust baby! lol

  7. It might be a popular card, but I still think the 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. should be worth more.
    I agree w/ Murray & Eck

  8. I’d go with Gary Carter’s 1975 Topps Mini. A guy had one for sale at the last show I went to for $7 (in very nice condition). Couldn’t believe it had dropped so much. I meant to go back and grab it… but forgot.

  9. I always liked the ’72 Fisk; it also has a cameo from Cecil Cooper.

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