Alan Trammell 1978 Topps ROOKIE CARD!!!!

Alan Trammell 1978 Topps ROOKIE CARD!!!!

I have finally landed an Alan Trammell rookie card for my collection that pays homage to his fantastic career.

But, the journey was a rough one…


As you can see, Trammell’s rookie card is a 4-player card that was commonly found in late 1970’s sets issued by Topps.  This style allowed the company to showcase more rookies in each set.

Placed diagonally from Mr. Trammell is another familiar face – Hall of Famer, Paul Molitor.  Having Molitor on the same card only makes the card more collectible and wanted.  So, obtaining this one took a lot of patience as I did not want to overpay – especially since I have already bought one of these for my Molitor collection a few years ago.

But, like always, my patience has paid off and I was able to secure this rookie card, for the second time, at a price that worked for my budget.

The chase was fun – and the reward is great!!  Cross another one off the list…

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