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Fergie Jenkins 2013 Topps Tribute – Blue

Fergie Jenkins 2013 Topps Tribute – Blue

I keep going after it – the chase for the Fergie Jenkins 2013 Topps Tribute Rainbow!!!

In actuality, I know that I will not secure the full collection.  And I am perfectly ok with that.  But, I will go after the affordable ones as I continue to try to build up the size of my Jenkins collection.

This card, the Blue version, is serial numbered as 18/99 and is the third card from the set that I have scored thus far.

Check it out:


The other two cards that I have picked up from this set that feature Fergie are the base and Green versions.  This one, the Blue, is so far the best looking.  The Blue background really works well with his vintage Cubs uniform and Blue long-sleeved undershirt.

Gotta Love It!!!

Mike Schmidt 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Moonshots’

Mike Schmidt 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Moonshots’

I think that you would be hard-pressed to find a collector that did not think that this card looks good.  From the 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen base set tagged as ‘Moonshots’, this card of Mike Schmidt looks fantastic!

Have a look:


Based on the background of the card, it looks like Mr. Schmidt got ahold of a fastball that he deposited into the outfield seats at Wrigley Field.

I love the old Phillies’ uniform that Schmidt is sporting in this shot, and the Purple border color that the ‘Moonshots’ set features is a great match to the Burgundy striping of his uniform.

A great, great card!!!

Brooks Robinson 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen – A Tad On The Boring Side…

Brooks Robinson 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen

There is no doubt that Brooks Robinson is the greatest defensive third baseman of all-time.

Anyone that would argue that fact does not understand how he revolutionized the way that defense at ‘The Hot Corner’ was played.

With that being said, does Topps need to continue to publish cards that feature images of Brooks that offer almost the same image of him in his ‘Ready’ position?

Seriously, I can recall at least 5-6 cards issued in the last few years that feature images that are almost identical to this one.  And as much as I appreciate the reminder that we are celebrating Robinson’s dominance at defense, he did enough on offense as well to be celebrated in that manner too.

Please Topps, give me a card of Brooks sliding into second base.  Or bunting.  Or in the on-deck circle.  Or in a batting cage.  Or slugging a homer…



Keith Hernandez 1989 Fleer

Keith Hernandez 1989 Fleer

Normally, I am a big fan of cards that feature a player in the on-deck circle.  There is something about a good image of a player getting mentally ready to approach the plate that appeals to me.

Sadly, this baseball card of Keith Hernandez does not land in that category.

And to be honest, I am really not sure what is going on here…

Obviously, the game has yet to start (protective screens on the field in the background confirm that).  So, maybe Mr. Hernandez is just taking a break?  Or maybe he is stretching?  Either way, the image used for this card does not capture much to push your imagination into overdrive.

As a matter of fact, it doesn’t even look like he is looking at the camera…

Have a peek:


Hall Of Fame Debate: Jack Morris VS Bert Blyleven

Hall Of Fame Debate: Jack Morris VS Bert Blyleven

While researching this week’s ‘Million Dollar Question’ I reviewed a lot of closed auctions on Ebay.  Among them, was a handful of rookie baseball cards – and my goal was to find the most underappreciated rookie card from the 1970’s.  My choice was Eddie Murray’s card from the 1978 Topps set.

The card that finished in second place during my search was Jack Morris’ rookie card from the same 1978 Topps set.  Amazingly, that card can be regularly had for under $5.00.

I have that card in my collection.  And I am happy that I do.

As you all know, this is the final year that Morris can appear on the ballot for Hall of Fame enshrinement, and like a fellow pitcher that made the Hall of Fame on his last attempt, he stands a good chance to gain the needed 75%.

That other pitcher – Bert Blyleven.

So, I thought we could do a little side-by-side between the two players and their major league careers.  And while we’re at it – let’s decide which pitcher was ‘better’ and also vote for Morris’ HOF status as well.

Sound good?

Great – Let’s do this!!


Here is a look at stats:

  Blyleven Morris
Seasons 22 18
Starts 685 527
Wins 287 254
Losses 250 186
Win % 0.534 0.577
20+ Win Seasons 1 3
15-19 Win Seasons 9 9
Complete Games 242 175
Shutouts 60 28
ERA 3.31 3.9
Strikeouts 3,701 2,478
Walks 1,322 1,390
K:Walk 2.8 1.78
K:9 Innings 6.7 5.8
All-Star 2 5
Postseasons 3 4
WS Titles 2 3

While very comparable, there are definitely areas of the game in which each player excelled.

For Blyleven, he was obviously a more dominant pitcher – his strikeout tally is much great than that of Morris, and the number of K’s per 9 innings is solid.  His complete games and shutouts are also much greater than what Morris compiled.

As for Morris, he was a more consistent winner – and has a higher career win percentage.  He averaged more wins per season than Blyleven over the length of his career but had a higher ERA as well.  Morris was an All-Star 5 times during his career – very notable for his era.

As for the postseason, both did very well – but it was Morris that stood out with his MVP performances.

And now, on to my vote:

Between Bert Blyleven and Jack Morris, I would state that Blyleven was the better, more dominant and accomplished pitcher.  His career tally in strikeouts is elite, and he is known to have the best curve-ball in the history of the games.

And as for Morris’ Hall of Fame entry, you better believe that I think he belongs.  This guy was so good – even as he got older, he was able to control the game from the mound and he often shined the most in the postseason.

Now, it is your turn – Tell me who you feel had a better overall career and also give me your vote for Morris’ Hall of Fame eligibility.

I cannot wait to read your comments!!!