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Andre Dawson 2012 Panini Cooperstown – Red Crystal Parallel

Andre Dawson 2012 Panini Cooperstown – Red Crystal Parallel

Finally!!  Finally!!  Finally!!!

It took me a lot longer than what I would have expected, but I have finally hauled in the ‘Red Crystal’ version of Andre Dawson’s baseball card from the 2012 Panini Cooperstown set.

This card is serial numbered as 384/399.

Check it out:


While Panini is not authorized to show the logos and team names of MLB, it is pretty obvious that this card features Andre while wearing a Cubs uniform.

That fact makes the Red work even better as it is a matching color to the Cubs’ uniform.

Very cool!!

Johnny Bench 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen – Base

Johnny Bench 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen – Base

After being back in the baseball card collecting game for almost five years now, I would have to say that one of the most photogenic players from the era that I prefer to collect is Hall of Famer, Johnny Bench.

I’m not sure if it because he can be captured well playing either offense or defense, but that probably plays a part in it.

Ultimately, I think the fact that Bench looked great in a Reds uniform.

Further proof is Bench’s card from the 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen set.

Have a look:


I told you – PERFECT!!!

Jim Rice 1981 Donruss – FAIL!!!

Jim Rice 1981 Donruss

Another awful card from the 1980’s…


A posed portrait card is bad enough.

But, when you give me one that features an image in which the player is not even looking in the direction of the camera and you have an immediate recipe for failure…

The photo editor at Donruss should have been fired for this one!!

Happy Birthday Dave Parker!!

Happy Birthday Dave Parker!!

Dave Parker turns 62 years old today.

Dave Parker’s career defines the word ‘steady’. While Parker had some monstrous seasons during his 19-year career as a professional baseball player, it is amazing at how well he played each and every year. With a career batting average of .290, Parker eclipsed the .300+ mark 6 times. As consistently good as anyone in the game, Parker finished in the Top 16 for the MVP award 8 times, while capturing the title in 1978. His numbers in ’78 were pretty awesome – .334/30/117. His approach garnered 7 All-star appearances and 3 Gold Glove awards. ‘Big Dave’ competed in 3 World Series match-ups, and won 2 titles – 1 in 1979 with the Pirates, and 1 ten years later in 1989 with the Oakland A’s.

Happy Birthday wishes for ‘The Cobra’!!!

Jim Palmer 2012 Topps ‘Mound Dominance’ Game-Used Relic Card – SWEET!!!

Jim Palmer 2012 Topps ‘Mound Dominance’ Game-Used Relic Card – SWEET!!!

I pieced together the 2012 Topps ‘Mound Dominance’ subset last year.  I found it to be a nice and easy set to go after, and I really like the theme and design of the cards.  My main issue with the set was that the common thread of the players was not there – some of the events celebrated were no-hitters, some were post-season games, near-perfect games, etc. 

While putting that set together, I found that the cards were also available with Game-Used relics.

And while the prospect of putting together the relic set crossed my mind, the idea of adding a relic card of Armando Gallaraga and Phil Niekro to my collection did not sound exciting.

Instead, I went after the lone guy that I feverishly collect – Mr. Jim Palmer.

The card is serial numbered as 16/50, and it features a Solid Black chunk of Palmer’s jersey.