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Nolan Ryan 2013 Topps Series One ‘Chasing History’

Nolan Ryan 2013 Topps Series One ‘Chasing History’

While I have no intention, at this time, of going after the ‘Chasing History’ subset from the 2013 Topps Series 1 release, I will admit that the cards are stunning.

I definitely prefer the horizontal action images that Topps chose versus the vertical ones.  And I also think that the left-side border graphics fit better with the horizontal layout.

This is the card of Nolan Ryan from the set:


It looks great, and is a very nice addition to my collection of cards that feature Nolan Ryan.

Great card!  Just not digging the theme of the set…

Ernie Banks 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen – More Of The Same Image…. UGGH!!

Ernie Banks 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen – More Of The Same Image….  UGGH!!

I always try to do my best in bringing modern cards of Ernie Banks into my collection as they are released.

And while I am certainly not a ‘Banks Collector’, I do this because I fully respect what he did on the field and how he is regarded within baseball and specifically the Chicago Cubs franchise.

During the 1960’s, Banks was one of baseball’s greatest stars – and I am certain that he was photographed at a very high rate.

So, it drive me a little nuts when I continue to see the same image used over and over when there have to be much more options available.

Here is Banks’ card from the 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen baseball card set:


The image featured is a nice one.  And normally, I would celebrate it.

But, I have just seen it way too often…

Like in 2103 Topps Museum and 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Hallmark Heroes and 2012 Topps Five Star and 2011 Topps Marquee and 2010 Topps Sterling and on and on and on…

Sparky Anderson 1981 Fleer Detroit Tigers Manager Card

Sparky Anderson 1981 Fleer Detroit Tigers Manager Card

For a debut baseball card, I am very impressed with what Fleer gave us with this card of Sparky Anderson.

I am a sucker for cards of players that feature the player waiting in the on-deck circle and when it comes to cards that feature a manager, this one conjures up the same emotion.

Take a look:


When it comes to Anderson’s management style, he was called ‘Captain Hook’ for a reason.  He pulled pitchers from what he would call ‘unfavorable’ situations all of the time.  He was known as not being very kind to the emotions of a relief pitcher and he had a knack for yanking poor-performing pitchers in the middle of facing a batter – regardless of the count.

In this image, I imagine that he was getting ready to spring up and make another call to the ‘pen.

Gotta love it!!

1997 HEADLINE: Kevin Brown Fires No-Hitter For The Marlins!!

1997 HEADLINE: Kevin Brown Fires No-Hitter For The Marlins!!

On this day in 1997, Florida Marlins starting pitcher Kevin Brown threw a no-hitter!

On the road in San Francisco to take on the Giants, Brown and his teammates suited up to play in front of a small crowd of just over 10,000 spectators. But for those in attendance that stayed throughout the duration of the ballgame, history was witnessed.

In a battle of a 1st place team(the Giants) and a 2nd place team(the Marlins), it was 1 player that dominated the action from start to finish.

Throughout the night, Brown was amazing. He needed just 98 pitches to complete the game, allowing no hits in the process. Brown struck out 7 batters on the night while pitching almost flawlessly. He walked nobody, and faced just 28 batters.

The Marlins gave Brown all of the offensive support that he needed to remain confident on the hill. Tallying 9 runs, Edgar Renteria, Charles Johnson, and Moises Alou provided the firepower enabling Brown to remain calm during the course of the game.

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary Mr. Brown!!!

I have watched parts of a handful of no-hitters on television. This is the first one that I can recall watching the entire game.

Andre Dawson 2006 Upper Deck SP ‘Legendary Materials’ Game-Used Jersey Card – SILVER!!!

Andre Dawson 2006 Upper Deck SP ‘Legendary Materials’ Game-Used Jersey Card – SILVER!!!

This one came at me a bit by surprise.  But I am not complaining about that…

I was shopping for cards on Ebay, as I am won to do, and I was just skimming through my list of ‘saved searches’ when I came up the search ‘Andre Dawson Silver’.  This search term can result in a bunch of different things based on what may be listed at the time of the search, but with the default of ‘Newly Listed’ set, this card was the first thing that appeared.

So, I saved it.  Eventually bid on it.  And ultimately won it!

Have a look:


The card is from the 2006 Upper Deck SP Legendary Materials set.  It is the ‘Silver’ version of the relic card and is serial numbered as 65/199.

The card features a great, vintage image of Dawson while with the Expos and the Silver framing really allows for the Powder Blue of Andre’s uniform to stand out nicely.

A great addition to my Dawson collection, and a great complement to my Bronze version of the same card!!