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Florida Marlins 2008 Bowman Team Set

Florida Marlins 2008 Bowman Team Set

As I get more and more involved with the tracking of talent in the Miami Marlins organization, as well as coming off of the heels of the MLB Draft, I am becoming more interested in the Bowman product.

Bowman takes prospecting to a whole new level, and they could very well be the best producer of rookie baseball cards ever.

In this set, from the 2008 Bowman release, I was able to put together not just the base set of the Florida Marlins but also the ‘1st Bowman Card’ set of their prospects as well.

Have a look:

Base set:


1st Bowman Cards Set:


Not bad, huh!?!?

Now if some of these guys could just contribute and we’d be in good shape.  Yes, I am looking at you, Morrison!!!

Johnny Bench 2010 Topps Vintage Legends

Johnny Bench 2010 Topps Vintage Legends

I can really get on board with cards like this!!


Anytime you can show me a baseball card that features an image of a player doing an act that they are not commonly known for, I am in!!!

This card, from the 2010 Topps Vintage Legends set, shows Johnny Bench getting his base-running signals from the coach.  It looks like he is on second base, so maybe he is being informed that the ‘Hit & Run’ has been put into play…

Steve Carlton 2005 Donruss Champions – NICE!!!

Steve Carlton 2005 Donruss Champions – NICE!!!

I’m often amazed by how many baseball card bloggers out there do not like this set of cards.

Of the complaints about the card’s design, I am only on board with one: ‘Too much empty space’.

Have a peek:


Sure, I understand the complaint, and it is a valid one.

But, for me, there is too much positive about the card to dwell on just one factor…

The color scheme of this set is superb as it matches the team color scheme perfectly.  All of the cards that I have encountered from this set also feature action images of the player – and this one of ‘Lefty’ is a nice choice.  Lastly, I really like the row of flags at the top – it kind of reminds me of the top of a stadium that waves the flags of the other teams in the league.

What about you??  Is this one a keeper or a stinker??

Keith Hernandez 1990 Topps

Keith Hernandez 1990 Topps

You know me.  I love cards that feature players in the on-deck circle preparing to go to work.

The Keith Hernandez card from the 1990 Topps set gets the job done!

Have a look:


It looks like ‘Mex’ has grabbed himself one of those pine-tar rags that the players use to add extra grip to the bat handle.

The only way that this card could be better?  If there was a donut on the bat!!

Hall Of Fame Debate: Cast Your Vote For Carlos Delgado!!!

Hall Of Fame Debate: Cast Your Vote For Carlos Delgado!!!

Don’t ask me why, but I was listening to a Blue Jays game the other day on the radio.  During the game, they were talking about the team’s all-time home run leaders.  Jose Bautista had just become the team’s 6th all-time home runs leader and will more than likely land in the 5th spot by the end of the season.  And based on his track record, Bautista will end up in second place by the end of the 2014 baseball season.

Who ranks in first place on that list?

The topic of tonight’s Hall of Fame Debate – Carlos Delgado!

Delgado was by all definitions, a slugger.  His ability to crush 450-ft home runs on a regular basis are just some of the highlights he offered up during his 17-season big league career.

Delgado smacked 473 home runs during his playing days, including eight seasons with 30-39 round-trippers and three more with at least 40 or more.  He made the most of these opportunities – driving in 1,512 runs.  He amassed nine seasons of 100 RBI and achieved the famed 30/100 season in each of those nine seasons.

While Delgado was known primarily for his power numbers, he was far from one-dimensional.  He was career .280 hitter with a lifetime on-base percentage of .383.  He hit .300 or better in three different seasons and had seven seasons of 150 or more hits.

Delgado was a 2-time All-star and the winner of three Silver Slugger Awards.  He finished in the Top 10 for the MVP award on four occasions.

In 17 seasons, Delgado made it to one NLCS in 2006 with the New York Mets.  He never appeared in the World Series.


So, is Carlos Delgado Hall of Fame worthy?  Does he deserve a plaque in Cooperstown?

Man this is a tough one – this guy was so productive and he did his job at an elite level for a lengthy amount of time.  Hell, he had more 30/100 seasons that other notable sluggers like Jim Rice (4), Dave Winfield (3), Andre Dawson (3), and Gary Sheffield (8).

But, while Delgado was a solid player that contributed to his team in more ways that just driving in runs and delivering long-balls, he was not elite in any other aspects of the game.  Carlos Delgado was solid hitter and a very good defender.

Is he Hall of Fame worthy??

In my opinion, ‘No’.  I like him, always have.  I’d like his production on my team.  But, to be considered amongst the best in the sport’s history, you have to be considered an elite talent during your time.  And while some of his numbers were elite – not enough of an impact in the other areas leaves him short of getting my vote.


How about you?  What do you think about Carlos Delgado’s Hall of Fame potential?  Does he get your vote??

Let me hear it.