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George Brett 1990 Fleer

George Brett 1990 Fleer

I really like this card of George Brett from the 1990 Fleer baseball card set.

The card is super-clean with nice, solid lines.  The Yellow frame that Fleer utilized for the card is a great complement to the team colors of the Kansas City Royals, and I think that the player’s name and position banners look great.

I also really like how Brett’s helmet is perfectly placed next to the Royals logo.

Check it out:



Happy Birthday Wade Boggs!!!

Happy Birthday Wade Boggs!!!

Wade Boggs turns 55 years old today!!

As a kid growing up in South Florida I had no ‘home’ team to cheer for. So I adopted several players, one of them being Wade Boggs. I was a third baseman and I batted third for a few years during my Little League career. Choosing Boggs as someone to emulate was an easy choice as he was one of the greatest hitters of the 1980’s.

Boggs’ career has been punctuated by achieving several baseball milestones – All-star appearances, Silver slugger awards, batting championships, Gold Gloves, a World Series title, 3,010 career hits, a lifetime .328 hitting average. Wade Boggs has done it all, and most of the time he did it the best!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Boggs!!!

Happy Birthday Brett Butler!!!

Happy Birthday Brett Butler!!!

Brett Butler turns 56 years old today.

I am not talking about the comedian here…

I’m talking about the scrappy, hard-nosed baseball player from the 1980’s that excelled at hitting leadoff. Butler’s ability to put the ball into play and run the bases at a very high level made him an instant success with the Atlanta Braves.

During his 17 year career in which he played for 5 different teams, Butler amassed 2,375 hits with a career average of .290. One of the best leadoff hitters of the 1980’s, Butler was a base stealing threat too as he finished his career with 558 swipes.

The thing Butler may be most known for was his ability to bunt. With an excellent batter’s eye, and uncanny speed, Butler used his skills to do anything he could to get on base. He did exactly what his coaches asked of him and scored an amazing 1,359 runs in the process.

During the later years of Butler’s career, he was diagnosed with a rare cancer of the tonsils. After making a full recovery, doctors doubted that he would be able to play baseball again, but Butler surprised them and everyone else when he joined the Los Angeles Dodgers for 1 final season.

Happy Birthday Mr. Butler!!!

Happy Birthday ‘Sweet Swinging’ Billy Williams!!

Happy Birthday ‘Sweet Swinging’ Billy Williams!!

Billy Williams celebrates his 75th birthday today!!!

One of the most beloved Chicago Cubs of all-time, Williams was a fan favorite from his debut back in 1959 and is still a face of the franchise 50 years later. His charisma, talent, and devotion to the game and city of Chicago have kept Williams in the public eye more than 30 years after his retirement.

On a personal note, Billy Williams is a large reason as to why this blog exists. When his autobiographyhy came out a few years ago I knew I wanted a copy. That book triggered a domino effect that is still moving today. The book re-kindled my passion for baseball cards which led me to Fergie and Andre and Rickey and Dave. And all of that led me to ’30-Year Old Cardboard’.

Thank you Mr. Williams. I never got to see you play in person. I have met you one time. Yet you have impacted my life more than you will ever know.

Happy Birthday Billy Williams!!!

Williams Photo

I Have Completed My Alan Trammell Player Collection – YES!!!

I Have Completed My Alan Trammell Player Collection – YES!!!

Well friends, it took me some time, but I have finally pieced together my Alan Trammell collection. 

As a kid, I watched a lot of Tigers games and my attention was always drawn to Trammell.  His ability to hit and defend at high levels made him an outstanding player and All-Star.

My dad was also a Tigers fan so he often shared stories of other Tigers greats with me – and he, too, thought that Trammell was a superb talent.

As for the cards, there are some really poor one and some spectacular ones.

First, let me show the full collection to you:


And starting next Monday, and running through the week, I will unveil to you my ‘Fab Five’ cards from this recently completed collection.

See you on Monday (and hopefully before as well)!!