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Jim Palmer 2005 Upper Deck Hall Of Fame Baseball – ‘Cooperstown Calling’

Jim Palmer 2005 Upper Deck Hall Of Fame Baseball – ‘Cooperstown Calling’

Oh yeah, baby!!!  This one is a beauty!!!

I was able to grab this card during a recent shopping spree on COMC.com.  I think I got a pretty sweet deal on the card, though I don’t really believe their ‘book price’ quotes sometimes…

Still, paying less than $3.00 for a card that is serial numbered to just 50 copies seems like a pretty good purchase.  This one is numbered as 24/50.

Check it out:

I have the Fergie Jenkins card from this set and have always been very pleased with it.  It is nice to grab another card from this series and the ‘Cooperstown Calling’ theme and logo is one that I like.

I’m going to have to find a complete checklist for this set.  Something tells me that I can find a few more cards from my PC that look just as nice…

Jim Rice 1989 Bowman

Jim Rice 1989 Bowman

Every once in a while, I get a nice surprise from the 1989 Bowman baseball card set.

And by surprise, I mean a card that features a non-posed portrait.  Like the newest addition to my Jim Rice player collection…

Have a look:


As many of you know, Bowman was famous for offering up tons of posed portrait-style images for their 1989 set.

It is nice to see that a few surprises are found in the set…

Did You Know…

Ty Cobb set the American League record for total bases in a single game with 16.  On May 5, 1925, Cobb connected for 3 home runs, a double, and two singles touching 16 bases in total.

Ty Cobb

Happy Birthday Wally Joyner!!!

Happy Birthday Wally Joyner!!!

Wally Joyner turns 51 years old today.

Once looked upon as a basebal savior, Wally Joyner was a hitter that possesed the skills to excite baseball fans, young and old.

Blessed with a swing that was ‘picture perfect’, Joyner had the task of coming into the league as a 24-year old rookie and saving the California Angels franchise.

And while that job may have been to large a burden for any one player to tackle, especially a rookie, Joyner excelled immediately. As a rookie, Joyner made the All-Star team, finished in 2nd place for the Rookie of the Year voting, and finished in 8th place for the MVP award. He collected 172 hits, 100 RBI, scored 82 runs, and compiled a .290 batting average during that campaign; the most successful one of his career.

In total, Wally Joyner amassed 2,060 career hits. He retired after 16 big league seasons with a .289 batting average. Other notable stats from his career include 973 runs scored, 409 doubles, 204 home runs, and 1,106 RBI.

Avery solid career for someone with a world of pressue on his shoulders – Congratulations!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Joyner!!

My Andre Dawson 2012 Panini Cooperstown ‘Rainbow’ Is Complete!!!

My Andre Dawson 2012 Panini Cooperstown ‘Rainbow’ Is Complete!!!

I know, I know – It is just a 4-card set, but when I have struggled to complete other, larger set-based rainbows, I need to celebrate the little victories to keep me motivated to go after more.

This set comes from the 2012 Panini Cooperstown issue – which has been pretty well received since its debut roughly seven months back.

And with a checklist that celebrates the greatest talents in the history of the game, there is no wonder why many collectors, myself included, are on board with Panini.

The set featured one card of Andre Dawson, and I was able to grab it pretty quickly.  From there, it was all about the colored parallel cards and I was able to peck them off as well.

Here are the cards:





Red Crystal:


Blue Crystal:


Not bad at all.  And the fact that the picture used of Dawson for this set shows him in a Cubs uniform makes the Red & Blue versions just a tad more special than cards of players that did not suit up for the Cubbies.

I am very pleased with how this came out, and I am eager to see what Panini does with their 2013 Cooperstown release.

Here is one more look, this time the full set!!!

dawson panini rainbow

Have a great night, everyone!!