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Derek Jeter 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Sliding Stars’

Derek Jeter 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Sliding Stars’

This is the second card of Derek Jeter that I picked up from the 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen set.  The first card was Jeter’s base card, and this is his card from the ‘Sliding Stars’ subset.


It was nice to see him included in this subset and my guess is that he was added more for his collectibility than his sliding skills.

While many of the players that are a part of this set are known for their immense speed on the base paths, Jeter is no longer as fleet of foot as he once was.  Still, he is an extremely smart base-runner, and the above image that was used for this ‘Sliding Stars’ card looks great!

Alan Trammell ‘Fab Five’ – Card #3 – 1989 Bowman

Alan Trammell ‘Fab Five’ – Card #3 – 1989 Bowman

Now that my Alan Trammell player collection is complete, it is time to show of my favorite five cards from the set.

Card #3 – 1989 Bowman


The 1989 Bowman baseball card set did not offer a lot of images like the one that you are seeing above.  As a matter of fact, I would guess that more than 80% of the cards issued in this set featured some kind of posed portrait-style image versus an action one.

So, while not considered rare due to the volume of cards printed when the set was released, I will say that a card from the 1989 Bowman set that featured an image like this is on the rare side.

Kind of like, Medium-Rare.

1985 Fleer Super Star Special Featuring Sparky Anderson – ‘Giving The Signs’

1985 Fleer Super Star Special Featuring Sparky Anderson – ‘Giving The Signs’

I have to imagine that watching a manager like Sparky Anderson go through the process of managing a baseball game from the dugout would be an enjoyable experience.

Between the signals, the chatter, the complaining, and the use of multiple pitchers, I would guess that watching him would at times be more entertaining than the game itself.

Luckily, in 1985, Fleer gave us a small glimpse of what that would be like.

Have a look:


In today’s sport, we get a lot more activity: pre-game interviews, mid-game interviews, and post-game interviews.

I wonder how a manager like Sparky Anderson would feel about stuff like this??  My guess is that it is not something he would be agreeable to…

Did You Know…

On August 31, 1926, Ray Morehart of the White Sox became the first American League hitter to capture nine hits in a double-header.  He reached base in 11 of his 12 at-bats during the twin-bill.

Ray Morehart

‘MVP For A Day’ – Contest Players & Their Picks For June 19, 2013

‘MVP For A Day’  – Contest Players & Their Picks For June 19, 2013

Alright, everyone. Wednesday’s baseball action will get under way in a few hours.

Below is a list of the player that have entered the contest as well as the big leaguer that they are hoping becomes the ‘MVP For A Day’.

Player Pick
mgrlvr Andrew McCutchen
victor Garret Jones
jeff b Freddie Freeman
brian c Dustin Pedroia
gerad Carlos Beltran
jason Pedro Alvarez
matt w Mike Trout
matt d Manny Machado
lost collector Robinson Cano
unclemoe Jacoby Ellsbury
rog Buster Posey
shane k Edwin Encarnacion
tom s Wil Myers
jared David Ortiz
irondequoit36 Chris Davis
dj Jean Segura
matt h Yasiel Puig
commishbob Adam Jones
sport card collectors Miguel Cabrera
ag Yoenis Cespedes
ron c Giancarlo Stanton
jeff p Starlin Castro
travis r Paul Goldschmidt
ryan Carlos Gonzalez
john h Prince Fielder
pat Yadier Molina
q Justin Upton
rick Nick Markakis
thorzul Nelson Cruz
charley Carlos Gomez
jacobmrley David Wright


And don’t forget the prize that is up for grabs!!!


Enjoy the games!!! We’ll know who the winner is after today’s action is through!!

Million Dollar Question – ‘Who Is The One That Got Away’???

Million Dollar Question – ‘Who Is The One That Got Away’???

For the last two weeks we have discussed rookie baseball cards that were issued during the 1970’s.  And we will get back to that next week for another episode of ‘Million Dollar Question’. 

But today, being that it is Lou Brock’s birthday, I have something to ask that is a bit more timely to today’s celebration.

As many of you know, Lou Brock started his major league baseball career as a member of the Chicago Cubs.  This fact may be one that the casual baseball fan does not know, but I guarantee you that every Cubs fan knows this.  And hates it too!

In Chicago, Lou Brock is commonly known as ‘The One That Got Away’.

So, that is what tonight’s ‘Million Dollar Question’ is all about – ‘Who Is The One That Got Away’???

And for me, this one is very easy.  As a Marlins fan for 20+ seasons, I have seen the team dump talent often.  And while some moves were positive moves for the club in efforts to either move poorly performing players or dump salary, there is one move that still burns.

The player??   Miguel Cabrera!!

Miguel Cabrera

One of the most talented players of the last quarter century, and the most talented hitter in today’s game, this move crippled the franchise and is one that the team still suffers from making six seasons ago and the team has still not recovered.  The worst part of the trade??  None of the pieces that the Marlins received (Maybin, Miller, Badenhop) in return for Cabrera did anything memorable for ‘The Fish’.

So, now I pose the question to you – ‘Who Is The One That Got Away’???

This is going to be good…